Matt Bors for June 27, 2012


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  1. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member over 7 years ago

    Everybody knows the govt should have NO role in promoting the welfare of its citizens.

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  2. Nebulous100
    Nebulous Premium Member over 7 years ago

    Note: oversized, oversweetened, overcaffienated Starbuck’s lattes are also allowed under the proposed “ban”, because they’re a dairy product.

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  3. Shark vs swimmer stencil copy
    SwimsWithSharks  over 7 years ago

    Those cops are buff! Where’s their Indian friend and the biker and construction worker?

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  4. Comics pearlsbeforeswine ratangry
    Heavy B  over 7 years ago

    This is what happens when you elect republicans

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  5. Eyes of march
    mikefive  over 7 years ago

    When the county council instituted smoking regulations int the county where I live, the county sheriff publicly stated that he would not be sending out deputies to enforce those regulations. They had better things to do with their time.

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  6. Missing large
    Technojunkie  over 7 years ago

    Bloomberg is a Democrat who bought his way into the Republican party. There’s a reason there’s an active Conservative party in NY.

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  7. Missing large
    ARodney  over 7 years ago

    New York City’s taxes almost certainly are supporting whatever libertarian hell-hole ima crawls around in. I don’t think they want you, ima. They pay good money to keep you away.

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  8. Emerson
    gotham2121  over 7 years ago

    Bloomberg is a Democrat like my dog is a Democrat . . . whatever gets her dinner sooner. And he’s no liberal, he’s a condescending, billionaire control freak, just like Giuliani was a control freak. And NY may be liberal but most people are against this and all the other “nanny state” garbage Bloomie pushes. And believe me, buff NYC cops like that are a real; fantasy, and they have about as much support as Congress and the Supreme Court.

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