Matt Bors for April 09, 2012


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  1. Missing large
    joe vignone  almost 8 years ago

    Supreme traitors to the constitution…

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  2. Img 20141126 151358
    cripplious  almost 8 years ago

    Did anyone read the ruling? How would you handle adding a prisoner to the general population?

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  3. John adams1
    Motivemagus  almost 8 years ago

    The situation was that they thought the safety of prisoners was paramount over the “unreasonable search and seizure” clause in the Constitution. The person who brought this case — and lost it — was a man who had been falsely accused of a crime, CARRIED the piece of paper confirming that it was false and had been dismissed, and when pulled over by the cops, not only had this fact ignored but was taken to prison and strip-searched. Let’s take a look here. An innocent man, with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, was seized and taken to prison and strip-searched to protect the prisoners. What? Really?

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  4. Missing large
    garysr87  almost 8 years ago

    maybe the judges should be stripped searched every time they come to court

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  5. Klinger1
    walruscarver2000  almost 8 years ago

    The last time I checked Jesse James, John Dillinger, Billy the Kid etc all had butts, and not one of them used a gun secreted therein to escape. In fact, I was unable to find any reference to escapes using anything brought in by a prisoner from outside.

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  6. Missing large
    Chuck Norton  almost 8 years ago

    Bors’ satiric contempt for the Roberts Court is well placed. It’s been over a century since we’ve had a Supreme Court so hostile to democracy and civil liberty.

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  7. Missing large
    vwdualnomand  almost 8 years ago

    supreme court did some really stupid rulings. dred scott, plessy. if pasties are indecent. citizens united. bush v gore. if sexting is email, and now this strip search and non-enacted healthcare law. one thing though, if a cop does a cavity search and founds that the person has lesions or a polyp or a tumor, is it contraband or health? does that mean that law enforcement becomes medical pros? tim mcveigh didn’t hide chemical fertilizer in his anus. richard reed didn’t hide plastique in his anus. and, the unabomber didn’t hide plastique in his anus.

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  8. Clouseau
    el8  almost 8 years ago


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  9. Bleach urahara0015
    ZydecoBear  almost 8 years ago

    The Roberts Court will come to be known as one of the most political courts in our history.

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