Luann by Greg Evans for November 04, 2017

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    Templo S.U.D.  about 5 years ago

    I would’ve thought they talked for five seconds, but twenty minutes ain’t bad.

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  2. 0146yellow
    Vilyehm  about 5 years ago

    No secrets as Axel can easily see Fay does not have a phone fetish. He knows she is into him.

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  3. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  about 5 years ago

    Luann’s influence is having positive results. ⭐️

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  4. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  about 5 years ago

    I like that silent middle panel a lot.

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  5. 20171209 162903
    Rosette  about 5 years ago

    If Axel is so friendly, why hasn’t he spoken to Fay yet? It’s not nice of him to leave her hanging like that all the time.

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  6. Ipta3
    Carrots  about 5 years ago

    Woah, i didnt think they would actually talk

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  7. 0146yellow
    Vilyehm  about 5 years ago

    Now let’s see how many people posting here will complain of:

    1. We will not know for a very long time (if ever) just what it was Fay and Axel talked about.

    2. Axel never removed his sunglasses no matter how late at night it was.

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  8. Missing large
    dliley  about 5 years ago


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  9. Photo
    someguy3  about 5 years ago

    You go, Fay! You’re the best hope that boy has.

    As I have said before, the fact that Fay likes Axel is the best indicator I have seen that somehow Greg accidentally scripted him doing something he would not actually do a few weeks ago.

    “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!”

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  10. Ipta3
    Carrots  about 5 years ago

    I like how by the 3rd panel all of the background people are gone completely

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  11. Americauna chicks 1 week 003
    howtheduck  about 5 years ago

    We don’t get to hear anything but the start of the conversation between Fay and Axel, but based on that, it is easy to guess how the conversation went:

    Fay: Hi Axel

    Axel: Oh, hey, Fay.

    Fay: Did you like the Wizard of Oz?

    Axel: Oh, way okay.

    Fay: I memorized the part of Glinda the good witch.

    Axel: Oh, yea, portray.

    Fay: Who was that guy with the big forehead sitting next to you?

    Axel: Oh, way, gay.

    Fay: That’s good to know. I am here with Luann. She’s giving me individual acting lessons.

    Axel: Oh, say, Broadway.

    Fay: Do you always speak in rhyme?

    Axel: No.

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  12. Plymouth seal
    Mayflower  about 5 years ago

    Luann has done well tonight. Fay will undoubtedly have an adrenlin rush for several days. This will most likely improve her health and certainly her happiness over the suceses of the evening will be obvious to her mother. Yep, our heroine did well in her coaching.

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  13. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  about 5 years ago

    And Luann was just standing there timing how long they talked?

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  14. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  about 5 years ago

    Yes. ;)

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  15. Missing large
    31768  about 5 years ago

    looks like Fay remembered her lines after all!

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  16. Missing large
    kenhense  about 5 years ago

    Merry Christmas Fay !!

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  17. Missing large
    capricorn9th  about 5 years ago

    Pipe, down, Fay. He probably could hear you. You don’t want to embarrass him and guys are easily embarrassed and lash out.

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  18. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 5 years ago

    I remember when there was a girl I thought would never give me the chance to converse. Seemed so ‘unapproachable’, from my standpoint. Around friends, or by herself. But somehow, one day, I got the chance to axtually say words in her presence, and she genuinely chuckled in delightful amusement. After that day, I found I could say “hi!” to her,with a “hi!” back, two ships passing in the day, as we travelled between classes. I learned from that experience, that not all girls are unapproachable, even though their “front gates of approach” seem so well-guarded, tall, and formidable/intimidating.


    Then, years later, during a blind date setup by phone, I heard the “very suitable for late night radio”-like voice (got her voicemail, as she was away from her phone), I nervously (and “conveniently”) didn’t leave my number, as I left my message. After she conferred with our mutual friend, and that friend called me, to find out why I forgot to leave the number, our friend then kindly relayed it back, and she actuaslly returned my call! I surprisingly found out, again , that some females are like “The Wizard Of Oz” (which sorta makes this an ‘appropriate play’ to have as a backdrop to this story), in that what only seems to be an intimidating personna, is not at all what they’re like, behind the curtain, so to speak.


    It’s been a while, since that second encounter, though. I wonder how that person is doing, right now. I think I’ll just lean over and ask my wife: “Hey, babe! How are you doing?”….

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  19. Missing large
    wreck it ralph  about 5 years ago

    So Axel who was that hot looking guy that you were with tonight. That’s my boyfriend Igor we’ve been dating sense first grade ain’t he a dreamboat

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  20. Blackbeard avatar
    ShadowBeast  about 5 years ago

    So Fay is more successful at talking with her crush than Luann was with Aaron Hill.

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  21. Missing large
    okiejoe  about 5 years ago

    So, Axel is in college and Fay is, what, barely in High School? Is this appropriate?

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  22. Missing large
    luann1212 Premium Member about 5 years ago

    They like each other, and Fay is getting over her shyness, and Axel gets to talk to her, while still maintaining his cool. Eventually they will morph into just being themselves around each other I think, but I think I am, so far, vindicated in my assertions that they both like each other, but have different versions of shyness (although Axel could just like theater anyway, so that could be he is always around at theater events), and Luann is just a fantastic life coach, friend type of person. Being a k-8 teacher, or even child therapist should be in her future, but whither Bernie? Love this arc, but as Ringo and Seis would say I am a Luann#1 fan. -:)

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  23. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 5 years ago

    “Five’ll Getcha Twenty”

     "A Fair Exchange"

    “Stare Trek…First Contact”

    “Voyage To The Part Of The Sea That’s Sorta Near The Top”

    “Easy, A La Mode”

    “Her First Rodeo”

    “A Chip Off The Cold Shoulder”

    “The Heartbreakless Ice Breaking”

    “DeFrost Mode” (♩)

    “She Just Can’t Get Enough” (♪)

    “Self-Contained, Unapproachable Boy Accessibility”

    “Only 20,000 Leagues To Go”

    “Paydirt, In One Shovel”

    “Atta Boy, Girl!”

    “She’s In Suspended Animation”

    “1200 Seconds Of Civility”

    “The Well-Guarded Aggre-gates”


    “A Cool, Calm And Collect Call”

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  24. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 5 years ago

    Ha ha, Gunther and Luann and Charlie Brown wished they were as bold, at that age!


    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though- This is only an introduction, and Axel may or may not still be going through his own transitional “too cool to care” phase, and there isn’t the spound of wedding bells, just yet. But, it is a milestone for Fay, in the sense that she took a few steps in personal growth, had a few great memories, and was able to prove to herself (with coaxing/coaching from Luann) that the “Great Wall Of China is not as high and vast as she once thought”….

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  25. W12
    chris_weaver  about 5 years ago

    Once Fay got started, the tempus really fugited!

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  26. Slavegirl
    Luanaphile  about 5 years ago

    I like Fay’s approach/avoidance posture in the panel 1.

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  27. Missing large
    srmalone  about 5 years ago

    What an unexciting “arc” this has been. So boring.

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  28. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member about 5 years ago

    Oh My GAW! I Was W-R-O-N-G! Axe Was Barely AWARE of Fay’s Existence! And He’s Given Fay a “Longing Look” as She returns to Luann! DAMN!!!

    Oh, WAITER? Strong COFFEE, Black! And PLEASE, and Keep It Coming!

    I’ll Need it for a “Face-Saving” but Condensing Comeback when AWGIEDAWGIE, drops by My Table with a Hearty Na-Nana-Naaaaaaaah!

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  29. Jose muerte  200x200
    Jose_Muerte  about 5 years ago

    Axel is such a handsome, well dressed young man…..

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  30. 0146yellow
    Vilyehm  about 5 years ago

    20 minutes and if Axel had a ride, we will never know who they were, but know that they probably also realize what is going on.

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  31. Nextdoor avatar 05
    JD'Huntsville'AL  about 5 years ago

    WHY do nice girls go for scuzzballs like Axel?

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  32. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member about 5 years ago

    To Fay, she is delivering her most important lines now.

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  33. Missing large
    kenhense  about 5 years ago

    Axel has style – which often attracts girls. We don’t know if Axel is a scuzzball. He wasn’t nice about leaving the drama camp – however the event WAS a disappointing bust.

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  34. Ligand1
    RSH  about 5 years ago

    Axel is packaged to give a certain impression. But we (or maybe Fay) might find a different sort of person underneath.

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  35. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 5 years ago

    Okay, all you people asking about Aaron Hill! a special “Where are they, now?”:


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  36. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  about 5 years ago

    these two will make a wonderful side story

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  37. Img 20211208 115937
    David Huie Green LosersBlameOthers&It'sYOURfault  about 5 years ago

    Most (us?) guys are just jealous he still has hair — and a hot young chick deep into him. They all love me too but are mostly hoping I’ll bring presents down their chimneys and overlook their naughties. (I tell them that’s my brother but I’ll pass on their requests.)

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  38. Thinker
    Sisyphos  about 5 years ago

    So far, so good, Twenty minutes is like an eternity to a shy, introverted girl such as Fay. And with Axel, no less! Maybe under that brusk exterior he actually likes her! Gad. Can the path of true young romance be so easy?

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  39. Rosie2
    Schrodinger's Dog  about 5 years ago

    Sunday: Frank and Nancy get horizontal …. painting the ceiling.

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  40. Missing large
    BlitzMcD  about 5 years ago

    That disconcerting pattern (the seeming innocent ones falling for the rebel, the derelict, etc.) goes back at least a half century. One need look no further than the Shangri-Las’ 1964 “Leader Of The Pack” single on the Red Bird label (“He’s good-bad, but he’s not evil”, according to the lyrics) for details.

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  41. Dexter 64x64
    2Goldfish  about 5 years ago

    So boring…

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