Luann Againn by Greg Evans for October 21, 2020


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  1. Imgres
    pseudomao  4 months ago

    Mega awkward!! oof

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  2. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member 4 months ago

    Smooth move, Dude.

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  3. Missing large
    Prescott_Philosopher   4 months ago

    So she does have some experience to know what it is and it’s use.

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  4. Rick o shay
    wiatr Premium Member 4 months ago

    “And thus endeth the date…”

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  5. Picture
    AlondraRachellaLabute  4 months ago

    She’s going to say you were being presumptuous and she’s right. I’d demand to be taken home right now. And no stops on the way!

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  6. Missing large
    amethyst52 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Smooth move Exlax.

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  7. Badge4
    dave1960  4 months ago

    “Because you never know” ~ Duane Dibley ~ Red Dwarf

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  8. Technoids
    hammytech  4 months ago

    He’ll be lucky if she doesn’t demand he pay for her taxi ride home… DATE OVER MAN!!!

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  9. Rays
    TampaFanatic1  4 months ago

    Brad needs to do what George Costanza did in one episode of Seinfeld called “The Opposite”: “if every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right” . Things turned out well for George in that episode.

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  10. Missing large
    Jabroniville Premium Member 4 months ago

    I’m actually pretty shocked this one got past the censors of 1980-something. I mean, it was pretty shocking when Luann had her first period, wasn’t it?

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  11. 0438aab5 b754 4b25 b41d bb310caeac1d
    GirlGeek Premium Member 4 months ago

    Oh…she finally got his name right

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  12. Avatar 20819 stop sign
    Cronkers McGee  Premium Member 4 months ago

    The situation brought his name to her attention. Will the date continue or is it over and out? We will see tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  13. Edb4beaa 19ab 437d a460 cf4fba2a5e74
    syzygy47  4 months ago

    I could see only one way out that might save face. Say he was so excited to go out he mentioned it to his dad, he got serious and gave him ‘the talk’, and he insisted Brad have the, ahem, on him. TMI?

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  14. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 4 months ago


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  15. 3c631955 a248 422b b49f 4beae403ba5f
    HarryLime Premium Member 4 months ago

    Brad won’t be “moving” Heaven & Earth any time soon.

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  16. V2
    Willywise52 Premium Member 4 months ago


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  17. Missing large
    donwalter  4 months ago

    …can’t WAIT to see where this goes…

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  18. Missing large
    micromos  4 months ago

    Aren’t they standard issue with wallets? That would have been my answer.

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  19. George3
    noahproblem  4 months ago

    $12 for two? Today you’d be lucky to get one into a movie at that price. And, speaking of getting only one into a movie…

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  20. Resized 20200426 130651
    David Huie Green-Life is good  4 months ago

    “It may sound presumptuous, but…hey…with $12 spent - only half of which is me - it seemed reasonable to expect some gratitude here. But if you pushed it, I’m not ready to be a father or catch whatever diseases you may have picked up, but I also don’t want to hurt your feelings by turning you down. It would be rude.”

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  21. Retired dude avatar
    Retired Dude Premium Member 4 months ago

    Rookie mistake.

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  22. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  4 months ago

    Tell the truth, man. It’s your only way out… maybe.

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  23. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  4 months ago

    Probably a “french envelope”, to be quaint. Don’t carry them in your wallet. Body heat degrades latex. There is no point in using one that leaks.

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  24. Chanter
    Brian Fink  4 months ago

    He should have gotten the one “ribbed for her pleasure”

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