Lisa Benson for June 24, 2011

  1. Reagan ears
    d_legendary1  over 10 years ago

    Obama wants to save us a few bucks and Benson calls it campaigning. If he’d let the price go up Harleykinns and the rest of the slime would be chanting $4 a gallon.

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  2. Missing large
    PlainBill  over 10 years ago

    “About Lisa Benson Mix a snifter of Bill Mauldin, a dash of Jeff McNelly and a very large dollop of common sense, and you begin to get an idea of Lisa Benson’s considerable talent.” ROTFLMAO!!! Wrong on all counts!!!If this were August 2012, a charge that a specific action was designed to increase President Obama’s chances of re-election would be worthy of serious examination. But this is June, 2011.

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  3. Lum happy
    yohannbiimu  over 10 years ago

    B.O. is a classless imbecile:

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  4. Missing large
    oneoldhat  over 10 years ago

    he waited till oil drop under $100 — dumb dumb dumb

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  5. Missing large
    SHAKENDOWN  over 10 years ago

    I elect Obie as a literal sacrificial offering.

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  6. Jollyroger
    pirate227  over 10 years ago

    They’re just mad that he is doing something about the price of gas. Now that it’s below $4, half of their argument is gone.

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  7. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 10 years ago

    Boehner and the Republicans were demanding this a month ago, it was dumb then, dumb now, but NOW they’re against it?? Watching the rethugnicans flip flop, on every issue, can’t help but recall their attacks on Kerry, and “fer it fer I’s agin it.” No, wait, that would be the “newt” translation.

    Opening the reserve will NOT change gas prices, never has, never will, oil companies will just find more needed “maintenance” to shut down refineries and restrict supply.

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  8. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  over 10 years ago

    As gasoline prices come down, will the price of our food come down too? You bet not, not as long as people are buying it. With the increased prices and reduced portions, we should be becoming a leaner nation. I guess that is good even though some are going hungry.

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  9. Prr
    Loco80  over 10 years ago

    Canuck, Trout, again you are behind the times. If this had happened in January, and you had said this in January, you might have appeared intelligent. As it is, once again, you do not.

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  10. Calvin hobbes
    Noveltman  over 10 years ago

    Gas is literally $8 a gallon everywhere else but the U.S. and people piss and moan about $4 gas. WTFC?

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  11. Bari sax
    edrush  over 10 years ago

    Hey, Radish, what Obama ought to do is to give a big speech advocating huge tax cuts for the rich elite and for the corporation-people. Then, no doubt, the Republicans would scream about how we need to raise their taxes.

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  12. Bad kitty icon
    scottfroberts  over 10 years ago

    Look at you parrots all guzzling the Kool Aid together. You’re so pathetic! “Ooooooh, why must they criticize him? WHY? WHY? WHY?” pathetic!

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