Lio by Mark Tatulli for August 01, 2008

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    lohaces  almost 14 years ago


    a) It’s a comic strip.

    b) Today’s strip is a humorous parody of how insistent a cat can be when wanting to be fed (as a cat owner I found it quite funny).

    c) It’s a comic strip.

    d) We live in the US where concepts of the paranormal or potentially violent are not censored to keep everyone’s feelings from being hurt or everyone’s sensiblilies from being offended.

    e) It’s a comic strip.

    f) You certainly have the right to protest to the Palm Beach Post about LIO, and it’s quite possible the strip will be removed if there are enough complaints. However, many people like myself enjoy the off-the-wall perspective of LIO and want to keep reading it.

    g) It’s a comic strip.

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    The_Rav  almost 14 years ago

    It’s funnier than a comic strip about how easily some people get offended.

    I’m surprised my cat hasn’t tried this. He’s done about everything else to get me out of bed to feed him.

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  3. Grover cute face grover monster 20091754 555 500
    Grover Premium Member almost 14 years ago

    What you guys don’t understand is that it’s not a joke!! Cat Terrorists are real! Watch out!!!

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    Liowatcher  almost 14 years ago

    I must agree with what lohaces wrote. This is a COMIC strip. Maybe you don’t find it funny. I find Doonesbury VERY offensive. So, what do I do? I DONT READ IT. I think LIO is a very funny, witty, often surprising comic. That is why I read it. It makes me laugh. The idea of a cat doing such a thing as strapping TNT to itself is absurd, and all for a can of cat food. In the long run, the stupid cat could have saved itself so much trouble by just opening the can itself! I could go on, but why bother. Those who like the comic, laugh! Those who don’t, look elsewhere.

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    sjlw  almost 14 years ago

    Anyone would really appreciate the humor of this if they had a cat like my Smokey who pounds on my let with claws out to get fed. Jim

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  6. Emerald
    margueritem  almost 14 years ago

    Cybil is just the kind of cat that Lio would own. She goes perfectly with the strip.

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    phoobiethewondersnot  almost 14 years ago

    This one really tickled my funny bone! Our demon cat constantly experiments with scary new tactics to make us jump out of bed: opening the shade just enough to make the light hit us in the face; getting up on a table and shredding the hanging plant; and of course, ripping up the bed posts.

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    Trail_Blazer  almost 14 years ago

    Sorry MrNavyBean, but it’s not the job of society to raise your children. That’s YOUR job. If you “don’t have the time” to raise your kids, then why did you have them? We didn’t get to vote on your decision to reproduce, so don’t try to make us feel responsible if something offends you.

    Assuming that your post is serious and not a spoof, my guess is that you don’t give your kids enough credit for being able to tell right from wrong and the serious from the absurd.

    If you’re living in the sticks where people are as ignorant as you imply, do yourself and your family a favor and MOVE.

    BTW, I hate it when people use their children as leverage to make a point.

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    Vampire_Alien_of_DOOM  almost 14 years ago

    i am soooooooo jealous, i want a cat like his. i can use to cause destruction >:)

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    Z-mage  almost 14 years ago

    Trail Blazer:

    How can you read this site and yet apparently not have enough sense of humor to tell an obvious joke?

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    chirpXL  almost 14 years ago

    I love this comic! It made me laugh and laugh. Absurdity is what keeps us from taking life too seriously. If it has to be explained to you, you probably don’t have a cat.

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    Trail_Blazer  almost 14 years ago

    Zmage: I have a great sense of humor, or I wouldn’t be on this site. Got two cats as well (Purrcy and KoKo). You should direct your comment to the first poster and Navy Bean.

    How do you know Bean’s post is a joke? I recognized the possibility that the post was a spoof, and maybe it is. If so, shame on him (or her).

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    Z-mage  almost 14 years ago

    Trail: Okay, you’ve got to be joking now. There is literally no other way to read the last sentence than as a joke. “exaggerating someting for aluagh maybe funny in the big metro area where people have graduated from high school and understand satire,but here in the rolling hills of aohio, we don’t get your cityfolk sofistication.” c’mon, you took that seriously?

    And, really, “Shame on him?” So you don’t have a problem with one person making a public joke utilizing a truly horrible way that real people die, but satirizing people without a sense of humor or proportion is a hot button issue?

    Okay, so you were making a joke and I didn’t get it. You need to give people some sort of hint, where you do something so outrageous that we know that no one in the real world would really say that, like Navy Bean did.

    My comment wasn’t directed at Navy Bean because he was so clearly joking. and it wasn’t directed at drperi because at least he was overreacting to something real. And, quite frankly, I know that if I had seen or known someone blown up by a suicide bomber I wouldn’t find the comic funny either. The difference is I would just skip it, maybe write a letter to Tatulli expressing my disgust, and moved on.

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    Masuri  almost 14 years ago

    Lighten up, Francis.

    And hand over the canned food - immediately!

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    tobybartels  almost 14 years ago

    Some people have reacted to drperi’s post with the claim that, since this is just a comic strip, it’s not that important. I disagree; this is very important.

    We MUST make fun of terrorists. Remember, they don’t just want to kill us; they want to TERRORISE us. They want us to react with fear. If we react with humour, then that only helps us.

    Of course, humour won’t bring back the thousands who have died. But it will help the billions who remain, who live in a world with terrorism, to cope. And if those billions cannot be terrorised, then the terrorists have failed.

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    Trail_Blazer  almost 14 years ago

    Sheesh. Let’s all have a beer and read some comics. A Black Butte Porter for me!

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    nchrphi  over 13 years ago

    America: The free country. ;) If you want to live somewhere where people aren’t aloud to express themselves, go for it. Directed to anyone who was serious.

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    timtribbett Premium Member over 12 years ago

    Geez, it’s just a comic strip. Get a life. I thought it was funny. Some people go thru life just waiting to be offended

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  19. Jellyfish
    Me_Again  about 12 years ago

    Lio should have gotten a dog instead.

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  20. Penguins
    Liorocks8  almost 12 years ago

    I forgot to feed the cat again

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    us555  over 11 years ago

    hey it just a comic strip if you don’t like it don’t read it and I have a cat and he is like this for food

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    leencestar  over 11 years ago

    It’s funny how a single strip can produce such a disturbance. The whole discussion is so kids-like and is even funnier than the strip itself hahahaha

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    essereluminoso  almost 11 years ago

    That cat is driving ME mad .

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  24. Pink  2
    lssy  almost 11 years ago

    fantastic.. every cat owner can rely to this strip haha.. and for the rest of the readers that offends easily… STOP reading Lio and find the best sissy comic the fits your sissy humor… Much love <3

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    bunnasaurus  over 10 years ago

    everyone that found this offensive stop reading lio theres been plenty of offensive lio comics but i dont care if u care so much leave!

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  26. Racer x
    bikeriderx135  about 10 years ago

    Yea, Lighten up everyone!!!!!

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    sunchaunzo  11 months ago

    Earlier this year, my cat started to wake me up at 5 am or so to GET UP AND CHANGE MY WATER RIGHT NOW MOM!!! I’ve taken to sleeping w/ear plugs.

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