Lay Lines by Carol Lay for February 27, 2016


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  1. Onion news1186.article
    Randy B Premium Member over 3 years ago

    If only….

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  2. Missing large
    pauline_gangof4  over 3 years ago

    And it is going to massively reduce the gene pool (though thinking of what it is like at the shallow end, where a lot of people seem to splash around, this could only be a good thing.)

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  3. Missing large
    Army_Nurse  over 3 years ago


    my thoughts before I even hit the comment button

    Carol for President!

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  4. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  over 3 years ago

    Most parents are convinced that they have parenting skills. For some reason, looking at their children never seems to disillusion them.

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  5. E067 169 48
    Darsan54 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Words of Caution: China. One child policy. Results: Bachelor villages & 30 million unmarried men with no possibility of ever getting a wife. Maybe some birth control education and governments working for sustainable economies?

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  6. Missing large
    ireoftsubaki  over 3 years ago

    A bigger problem being faced is that the number of producers (young people) is far inferior to the increasing number of consumers (including older people past productive age, sick people, otherwise infirm). In addition, there not only needs to be enough production, but enough to also be in service – taking care of the non-productive consumers.

    Attrition of population done rapidly is a painful process, one way or another.

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  7. Image
    Olddog1  over 3 years ago

    Is this anything like eugenics?

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  8. 50
    Pauleytee Premium Member over 3 years ago

    This comic strip is a dictator’s biggest wet dream

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