Last Kiss by John Lustig for April 22, 2022

  1. 13.2.6lustigavator
    John (Last Kiss) Lustig creator 4 months ago

    Here’s the link to the original vintage art and text—-this time the entire page!

    Copy and paste or highlight the link and right click to go to the page. Thanks!

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  2. Ava2
    C  4 months ago

    That’s fresh

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  3. Mm wp001
    allen@home  4 months ago

    If you’re offering honey. I’ll take a different kind of muff-in.

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  4. Missing large
    GreasyOldTam  4 months ago

    Not for long, darlin’. You’ll be stale before we get to Denver.

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  5. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 4 months ago

    There’s going to be turbulence in the cockpit.

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  6. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  4 months ago

    Can I see the dessert menu?

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  7. Missing large
    littlejohn Premium Member 4 months ago

    The flight-deck crew has to keep abreast of what’s going on with the rest of the crew. So that when the runway approaches, it is a smooth landing.

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  8. New icon
    michaeljwolff  4 months ago

    Yes, we’ve already noticed your muffins. Thank you.

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  9. Unicorn 1
    Uhohcroc  4 months ago

    Oh for air travel then! Nowadays some dude with a scraggly goatee and a man bun!

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  10. Image
    Vet Premium Member 4 months ago

    Coffee, Tea, or Me. 1967 Donald Bain

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  11. Missing large
    WMORAN1  4 months ago

    I miss ‘Pan Am.’ How could they cancel a show with Christina Ricca and Margot Robbie??

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  12. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  4 months ago

    melons are served later…

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  13. Familyreunion2009
    Pocosdad  4 months ago

    Fly the friendly skies…united!

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  14. Missing large
    rodney  4 months ago

    I’m greedy, so would want all 3.

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  15. B3710640 48e0 4fbd ac6f 162c3ba7fae0
    Zebrastripes  4 months ago

    Coffee, tea and me? Cigarettes, cigars, & mama mia ….check out the rack on that broad…..


    I mean the tray…..

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  16. Hobo
    MeGoNow Premium Member 4 months ago

    When will she understand what “We’re a couple” means.

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  17. Fox picture avatar  2
    phritzg Premium Member 4 months ago

    Reminds me of a couple of old jokes I first heard way back in the 60’s:

    Stewardess to male passenger: “Would you like some of our TWA coffee, milk or tea?”Passenger: “I’ll have your TWA Tea.”

    And: A friend was telling us about his honeymoon trip: “We wanted to fly United. But the stewardess wouldn’t let us.”

    Speaking of TWA, naming a company Trans World Airlines today would make certain heads explode.

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  18. Img 0090
    Another Take  4 months ago

    “Is that the plane’s joystick or are you just happy to see me?”

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  19. Guitar in window
    jscarff57 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Guess the co-pilot won’t need that hand right now after all!

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  20. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 4 months ago

    Once we land we will become threesome!

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  21. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member 4 months ago

    Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos…minus the tip. I’m thinking maybe the co-pilot?

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  22. Imagescaxtkub3
    Calvins Brother  4 months ago

    They don’t call it the “cockpit” for nothing.

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  23. Packrat
    Packratjohn Premium Member 4 months ago

    I want to fly THOSE friendly skies! What’s the name of that airline? Quite a few years ago an airline (I don’t recall which one) took out large print ads featuring an employee and a catchy slogan. Well, so happens the one that went a bit too far was a photo of an attractive stewardess (that’s what they were called then) and the catchy slogan, “We work our tails off for you”.

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  24. Img 20211208 115937
    David Huie Green-HavePityOnOthersYouWillNeedItToo  4 months ago

    All a matter of priorities.

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  25. 2a38e3c1 c33e 44a0 adfe ad023a2caec1
    basspro  4 months ago

    Do you know the muff diving man, the muff diving man?

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  26. Colt2
    coltish1  4 months ago

    I wonder if Art in the original panel is a cruel mistress.

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  27. Ellipsis
    suñña  4 months ago

    “Hey, Bob, want to share a muffin?”

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  28. Missing large
    swanridge  4 months ago

    “My, your muffins are always extra fluffy at higher altitudes!”

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  29. Missing large
    buckman-j  4 months ago

    Hey, my muffin has a hair in it

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  30. Bluedog
    Bilan  4 months ago

    The co-pilot doesn’t seem that interested.

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  31. Buffaloanimatedrunningrightoneofearliestanimatedmovies001
    Running Buffalo Premium Member 4 months ago

    The real reason automatic pilot was invented.

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  32. 100 2491
    Thorby  4 months ago

    John, I can remember YEARS and YEARS ago when my girl would let me run my hand up under her T-shirt to JUST below her bra. I could almost touch the beginning of the swell of her chest. I had NO GUTS back in the day.

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