La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz for May 17, 2018


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  9 months ago


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  2. Capture  2017 12 17 08 45 35 2
    Nyckname  9 months ago

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  3. Nrh
    NRHAWK Premium Member 9 months ago

    I spent my second career teaching Behavior Disorder high schoolers and in all my experiences I found that all of the non-medical reasons for their issues stemmed directly from incompetent parenting and more often than not total lack of parenting at every socio-economic level. In too many cases I was working with social workers and parole officers just to help keep them out of jail or sometimes try to help them work their way out of jail. Basically I was in charge of raising their children for them…a job that shouldn’t exist if parents would take responsibility and teach their children self control and respect for other people and property. If only…in a perfect world.

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  4. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 9 months ago

    Of course it’s ridiculously easy to SAY the schools should fix all the problems facing young people today, but let’s get real, shall we? Kids are in school 6 hours a day, 180 days a year, for a grand total of 1080 hours a year. But they’re conscious 16 hours a day, 365 days a year, or 5840 hours a year. It’s asinine to expect schools to solve 100% of a young person’s problems in only 18% of their time.

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  5. Missing large
    PoodleGroomer  9 months ago

    … and avoid lead exposure.

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  6. Giphy
    Olongapojoe Premium Member 9 months ago

    Nailed it!! Unfortunately with so many students coming from single family homes and the one parent working 12 to 16 hours to make ends meet there really isn’t much GOOD adult guidance.

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  7. Picture
    Sadandconfused9  9 months ago

    Mr. Alcazar, this is excellent!!!!!! Too bad most parents won’t follow this really good advice.

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  8. Billb
    Mr. Blawt  9 months ago

    Now if we can just keep the guns out of schools.

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