Kevin Kallaugher by KAL for June 07, 2021

  1. Picture4
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Republicans are the new moon bats.

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  2. Missing large
    brwydave Premium Member about 2 months ago

    This cartoon would look so good in full living color.

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  3. 2015 08 25 21.18.06
    JenSolo02  about 2 months ago

    What was with Drumpf’s pants?

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  4. 0542678 r1 016 6a
    svcman98  about 2 months ago

    Yeah! A really funny one!

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  5. Desron14
    Masterskrain Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Yes, America, the Qpublicans really ARE that Delusional!! And they are following Agolf Twitler, THE HEAD NUT-CASE down the Rabbit hole to total obscurity!

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  6. Wtp
    superposition  about 2 months ago

    Maybe even BIGGER lies will eventually work?

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  7. Picture4
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Psaki compares Fox News to Chinese and Russian propaganda outlets

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  8. 704fe3d1 4a7d 495f a742 2d8456861f60
    admiree2  about 2 months ago

    Excellent, Kal! You could milk this one for quite a few days by changing the GOPQ’s delusion of the week. Maybe Manchin (DINO)* needs more pictures to understand that his belief that there can be bipartisanship is also a fantasy.

    Note* – Yes, I know the voting record with Biden but you have to count his major inactions too.

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  9. Tf 117
    RAGs  about 2 months ago

    “If you want “realism” try “the Apprentice”…

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  10. Straycat 1
    MFRXIM Premium Member about 2 months ago

    What if we made infrastructure Improvements in only Democratic run states? Republicans obviously don’t want to be included.

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  11. Missing large
    pamela welch Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Excellent rendering Kevin ♥

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  12. Missing large
    ferddo  about 2 months ago

    If the elephants can reinstate their Dear Leader then suddenly they will find a “realistic” plan to return $1 trillion to the rich…

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  13. Milky way rocks
    wrytercat  about 2 months ago

    It seems like this is never going to end. Just keeps morphing into something more and more bizarre.

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  14. Missing large
    Jody H. Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Excellent, KAL!

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  15. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Can’t really tell the difference between FOX “News” and Russia’s Sputnik and Russia Today, or even North Korean government TV. We’ve all seen how they have radicalized a large population of the wilfully ignorant into the so-called Republican “base”.

    Again, for the umpteenth time, they are not a legitimate journalistic outfit and FOX, itself, has had to assert that fact, multiple times, in court when sued for defamation. President Biden needs to nut up and yank the FOX white house press credentials, and ban them from access to U.S. bases, including overseas.

    FOX is a treasonous propaganda channel spewing lies and BS, and has blood on its hands. If Twitter and Facebook can ban that (expletive) psycho criminal dictator-wannabe, then FOX (expletive) News can sure as hell be banned from the White House.

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  16. Large atheism 008
    Michael G.  about 2 months ago

    Well, the fascists have had their test run. Let us not have to find out who really runs the military. (I’m betting on POTUS.)

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  17. Ufo not
    mr_sherman Premium Member about 2 months ago

    I pity the unicorn for having that POS sitting on its back.

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  18. 6bb13e58 cb3c 48af a666 62de44194956
    Pgalden1 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Well done

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  19. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member about 2 months ago

    There’s the crux of the problem. Biden wants to “live in present” by rehabilitating the U.S. infrastructure. That costs a lot of money. Trump, who we all know rules the GOP, wants to "live in the past by continually promulgating the “Big Lie” and calling for endless 2020 election recounts. Those recounts cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each. If Trump’s recounts continue for years, the GOP will wind up paying one +Trillion to support them.

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  20. Missing large
    grange  about 2 months ago

    His real objective is to raise money to pay his debts to the Russians and Saudis. This guy is like a secular televangelist.

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