JumpStart by Robb Armstrong for February 02, 2020

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    Rod Gonzalez  over 3 years ago

    The strip in a nutshell.

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  2. Missing large
    momofalex7  over 3 years ago

    This is very helpful. I was having trouble keeping everyone straight.

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    David Huie Green LosersBlameOthers&It'sYOURfault  over 3 years ago

    What could be simpler?

    (Other maybe than Gordian’s Knot?)

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  4. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Programs! Get’cher programs! Can’t tell the players without a program!

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  5. Nathalie choux black sheep 2
    SactoSylvia  over 3 years ago

    And Marcy is not humongous like Clayton’s sons because… technically, Clayton is her step-father.

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  6. Go2e500
    Pentagen  over 3 years ago

    Nice to see that Mr. Armstrong found a way to do this without being attacked by Mortimer.

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  7. Missing large
    Orcatime  over 3 years ago

    So Edmund is DelRay’s uncle.

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    jewlie  over 3 years ago

    And Olivet is?

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  9. Zippy56995996595959995956959599956956599569511111122222333333
    Hugh B. Hayve  over 3 years ago

    Lol, when I started reading this strip back in the early 90s It was just Joe, Marcy and Crunchy.

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    GirlGeek Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Don’t forget that Clearance has two more kids and a wife

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    Aladar30 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Thanks. This is very useful.

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    akaCat Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Is Moose a Mountie?

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    flatempest  over 3 years ago

    Glad to finally know who everyone is and their relationships.

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    jpayne4040  over 3 years ago

    Glad Robb decided to do this! A lot has happened in a short time. Good to help everyone keep track.

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  15. Missing large
    nos.nevets  over 3 years ago

    Thanks, Mr. Armstrong.

    We asked for an org chart. Delivered.

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  16. Missing large
    nos.nevets  over 3 years ago

    I didn’t know Clayton & Maureen were Marcy’s parents. But the 12 monsters are Clayton’s sons, not Maureen’s? So 2nd marriage? Maureen is Marcy’s mom, Clayton is step-father? Did he raise her?

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  17. Neuman
    rmercer Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Helpful. And who the hell are you?!

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  18. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  over 3 years ago

    Thanks for the exposition.

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    jalden1003  over 3 years ago

    Excellent, Robb. Thank you!

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  20. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  over 3 years ago

    and Delray and Dana are close to adopting a son, Kenny…

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    Lula & Theo  Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Thank you, I needed that!

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  22. Missing large
    WestNYC Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Clayton and Maureen were previously a widower and widow, so the Glover boys are Marcy’s step brothers. What are the Glover boys age ranges ? From eldest to youngest.

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  23. Missing large
    Peter Karol Premium Member over 3 years ago

    I thought there is some link between Captain Ruiz and Delray’s mom Sarah?

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  24. Dazy supersmall4web
    pony21 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Saving for future reference! Much appreciated by the many fans who joined late and have learned to love all the characters – even if not always clear on their connections to one another.

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    Oakwood13  over 3 years ago

    Must be the fist day in a new paper or syndicate.

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    kathlgoldman88 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    I’ve been reading Jump Start (yay! a nurse character in the comics!) for a long time (pre-Sunny) but I really needed this. Thanks.

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  27. Photo
    GaryCooper  over 3 years ago

    What is Roland holding in his left hand there? And why is there a storm cloud over Raymond’s shoulder?

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    foxmike6513 Premium Member over 3 years ago


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  29. Storm1
    ValancyCarmody Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Which one of the kids was born in the Yugo?

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  30. Missing large
    1Straindje1 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Clarence’s daughter

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  31. Missing large
    1Straindje1 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Otis babysits Olivet

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  32. Aj icon60
    Dr_Fogg  over 3 years ago

    Ok. what about the 12 boys and their families! We cant fill out a proper pedigree chart without all that…. Grand parents too! :-)

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  33. Missing large
    theincrediblebulk  over 3 years ago

    Confused? Not after this episode of “SOAP”

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  34. Missing large
    Michael McKown Premium Member over 3 years ago

    I love this strip, been reading it for many years. And I love the way Robb gives each character a distinct personality. Well done!

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  35. Smiling  tonguey sammie
    Rolf Rykken Premium Member over 3 years ago

    One question: Whaaaaaat? : )

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  36. Cgc
    chain gang charlie  over 3 years ago

    As any fool plainly knows….as "li’l Abner says…..

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  37. Img 0013
    plaidley  over 3 years ago

    Thank you!

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  38. Missing large
    clayface9 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    And why is it called Jump Start?

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  39. Missing large
    passthejelly  over 3 years ago

    Almost in the class of the GASOLINE ALLEY family tree;which became such a hit they had to print up thousands of copies.Also,Marcy’s father died of a heart attack when he was only 40,which probably inspired her to become a cardiac nurse.

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  40. Photo
    RC5  over 2 years ago

    Thanks cod the family geneology. I sometimes get them mixed up.

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  41. Letterhead
    360guy Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Be sure to bookmark this page.

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  42. K initial 360 border
    Kirk P Premium Member 2 months ago

    Actually, some of the comics (e.g., Luann) on this site have a “Characters” tab that shows a picture and bio for all the characters (cast members?). In doing that here, Robb would have to come up with an extra panel every few years, but by doing so he could keep it up to date and clear up minor confusions like “And Olivet is?” (Daughter of Clarence and Charlene).

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