Joel Pett for April 16, 2021

  1. Missing large
    david_42  6 months ago

    No one ever wins a war in the Middle East, just a rare battle.

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  2. Tf 117
    RAGs  6 months ago

    And to prove that some left wing people are as biased as some on the right;

    In the mid 90s I used to drive a lot on Friday nights and listen to NPR while driving. I heard a show on “Pacifica News” where someone was showing empathy for those “poor Soviet veterans of Afghanistan who were suffering PTSD”. This was the same person who, weeks earlier, was decrying assistance to the U.S. Vietnam veterans with PTSD saying that they deserved it.

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  3. Pine marten3
    martens  6 months ago

    Why has Pett never turned up on the “Updated Daily” listing until now? It’s what often happens with both Wasserman and Britt also.

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  4. Fighting irish hood auto decal 2000x
    ndblackirish97  6 months ago

    Love the expression of the horse

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  5. Missing large
    jvscanlan Premium Member 6 months ago

    and who believes that the Taliban won’t overthrow the government within a year?

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  6. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 6 months ago

    Republicans were wrong to go into there in the first place.

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  7. Img 0048
    Nantucket Premium Member 6 months ago

    The horse is the only one with sense in this cartoon.

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  8. Missing large
    Not the Smartest Man On the Planet -- Maybe Close Premium Member 6 months ago

    The Brits had their turn, too. Remember Sherlock Holmes’ first words to Dr. Watson?: “You have been in Afghanistan, I presume.”

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  9. Anger
    grumpypophobart  6 months ago

    I said this on another ’toon the other day. They have a great record of defeating more powerful invaders.

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  10. Fullsizeoutput 1e
    Pat Towey Premium Member 6 months ago

    Hagar has the right idea.

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  11. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  6 months ago

    You cannot win in a fight with a culture that invented guerilla warfare and turned it into their political system.

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  12. Dscn0307
    Frannie L  Premium Member 6 months ago

    “We should have respected Afghanistan’s reputation as “the graveyard of empires” and Pakistan’s deserved reputation for double-dealing.” …Maureen Dowd, NYT’s columnist.

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  13. Latest
    Kevin Parker Premium Member 6 months ago

    “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”

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    gmod moderator 6 months ago

    We just started receiving this content again! Enjoy!

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  15. Photo
    Scoot  6 months ago

    They’ll wage war with you until you leave, and they’ll go back to fighting each other. That’s how tribes and other ethnic groups in the Middle East have been operating for millennia.

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  16. Missing large
    Olddog04  6 months ago

    Facts have never meant anything to the GOP.

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