Jim Morin for March 19, 2010

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    kennethcwarren64  over 11 years ago

    The GOP will continue to use hate, fear, and anger as their only political tool, and that will probably be enough.

    Out here the first political ads have started showing up. Two very, very (I could go on for 20 more very’s) rich Republicans are run in the primaries for the same political office.

    They are spending millions on their ads, and they are great, 3 - 5 minute films done by the best people in the business – real art, real interesting.

    In none of these ads do they talk about each other, or do they offer any ideas or plans on what they will do if elected, all are aimed at the showing how evil the DEMS, and Obama are, and how they are ruining America.

    No messages of hope, or progress, just fear and anger.

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    eepatte  over 11 years ago

    There’s nothing new about the unpopularity of congress. The really bad part is that although most of the voters claim to hate congress, they think their congressman is OK, so they vote some real turds into office again and again. Ah! The power of the incumbency!

    I have followed the voting record of my rep and senators on the League of Conservation Voters web site. It’s non-partisan and very objective.

    Bottom line: 1) Pay attention. 2) If any doubt, vote ‘em out!

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    Libertarian1  over 11 years ago

    According to Real Clear Politics which is generally acknowledged to post the most accurate poling data today was the very first time in his presidency that Obama went negative. For the past several months the polls, which literally change daily as new data comes in, have shown him with positive 1-4% margin. Today he is minus .5%.

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  4. F22 rotation1
    petergrt  over 11 years ago

    His poll numbers stayed relatively high because he was seen as detached from the poop being made by the Congressional Democrats.

    Now that he is full in - his numbers will only accelerate south.

    It is going to be one exciting November - 1994 quantified by a factor of ‘n’.

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  5. 100 2208
    parkersinthehouse  over 11 years ago

    oowah jimee moorin’ oiy loove ye !

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  6. 1107121618000
    CorosiveFrog Premium Member over 11 years ago

    I love the way Morin draws Obama! He’s funny!

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  7. Image013
    believecommonsense  over 11 years ago

    Reminds me of the old maxim of trials … when the facts aren’t on your side, argue the law. When the facts aren’t on their side, the GOP argues process.

    Course, they neglect to admit they’ve used the same process.

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