Meet the Cast

undefinedJetpack Jr.: Don’t let that onesie fool you! He may look like an ordinary toddler, but Jetpack Jr. is actually an alien from outer space, sent to Earth to procure mass quantities of Froot Loops.  But an inconvenient bump on the head and Jetpack now believes he’s just an ordinary earth child-- who imagines he’s a spaceman! While he shares their love of sugar-coated-artificially-colored cereal, his development is somewhat out-of-sync with that of other children; he has the mind of a mature adult, with a penchant for beer and cigars and he turns into a slimy, green, frog-like alien whenever he over-indulges. Other than those few idiosyncrasies, and maybe a few others yet to be discovered, he’s the Gladlees’ perfectly loveable baby boy!

undefinedMarsha & Hank Gladlee: Long –suffering Marsha Gladlee is the fragile rock upon which the Gladlee household stands, while Hank is likely to forget to pick the kids up at daycare while bidding on his next Star Trek collectible on ebay.  While Marsha is the realist and Hank the dreamer, both of them are desperate to hang onto the illusion that their family is tranquil and content, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

undefinedRensselaer & Kramden: Deeply disturbed and terribly inconvenienced by the new addition to the family, Jetpack’s adopted siblings, Rensselaer & Kramden, will not let the alteration in familial power structure stand. They will use any means necessary to send Jetpack packing and restore the natural order of things; meaning, the two of them in control.

undefinedBella Dilemma: Marsha’s beautiful cousin, live-in nanny and aspiring actress. No shy ingénue but just a bit of a diva; she’s developed an unflappable attitude that serves her well with both would-be lotharios and the frequent insanity of the Gladlee household. She sees Jetpack for who he is, slimy green monster and all, and loves him just the same.

undefinedGovernor Moonbeam & The Astronomical Oddz:  para-normal investigators and trance-music band living above the garage. They’re searching for signs of alien life, everywhere but just below their nose.