Jen Sorensen for November 16, 2010


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  1. Buddy
    lalas  over 10 years ago

    LOL! Nice job a-holes. Love it!

    Anyone care to take wagers on how long it takes Harley Quinn to come in and squawk about Fair tax?

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  2. 035
    napaeric  over 10 years ago

    I long for the simpler times of my fathers generation “The Greatest Generation” with Eisenhower et al A time when taxes were sky high and our debt was low. When we the people produced tangible items to better ourselves and the rest of the world. When it was still possible for one worker to support his family.

    My generation smoked pot and dropped acid, at least the smart ones did. The dumb ones went into politics and lowered taxes, especially on corporations, most especially on what are Now multi-national corporations since they sent our jobs everywhere except the USA. The dumb politicians then decided to pass a paper work reduction act which requires far More paper and even have them print “This page intentionally left blank”. The same dumb politicians of my generation that decided that very wealthy people should keep far more and pay far less in taxes. This was because the very wealthy were going to use all that money to create jobs, which they did in every country except the USA. And now those same dumb politicians from my generation want to do it again.

    Too bad more of my generation was not smart enough to legalize pot and tax it, or to keep taxes high so we paid our debts on time instead of over time.

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  3. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member over 10 years ago

    1) Time mag recently published an old B&W pic of Boehner as a child with his large family. He was visibly the darkest-skinned person there. And none of the colored pics showed the orange color that some people are making fun of. So unless someone can prove that his skin color is not natural, should liberals be making fun of someone for the color of his skin?

    2) Mix with Prozac or other SSRI. Problem solved.

    3) I don’t get this. I’d be grateful if someone explained.

    4) Just wait until the trillion dollars of government spending works its way through the economy and overcomes the deflation of the banking and finance crisis. Then inflation will explode and the middle class that Obama promises not to raise taxes on will find itself in the $250,000 bracket. In the ’70s it was called “bracket creep”. It will happen again. You heard it here first.

    Napaeric: I am of your generation and was too smart to do any of those things that apparently have left a permanent mark on your brain.

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  4. N211317039976 6359
    trekkermint  over 10 years ago

    pasta 48 hours a week work. 4 hours daily commute love my microwaved pasta

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