Jeff Danziger for June 04, 2023

  1. Th marvin da martian
    Flashaaway  6 months ago

    All valid reasons.

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  2. 20211101 125120
    scote1379 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Being part Lithuanian I got no problem with that.

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  3. Green 5 point celtic knot 300
    Erse IS better  6 months ago

    Remember: If you respond to a troll then they win and they’ll be encouraged to troll more.

    If you really MUST say something about the red liar… LION it’s better to say it in a different thread such as I’ve started here.

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  4. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  6 months ago

    Why do they all have beard?

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  5. Avt freyjaw autumn48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 6 months ago

    All valid viewpoints for them. I shan’t disagree.

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  6. Missing large
    aristoclesplato9  6 months ago

    We are not lifting a finger to repel the invaders pouring over our southern border. Even if they are Russian.

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  7. V2
    Willywise52 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Three outta three ain’t bad.

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  8. Lifi
    rossevrymn  6 months ago

    Ted Rall will be secret-liking this toon. Of course, Danziger is right, here, and Rall is correct about there being a bunch of hard right-wingers in Ukraine…………………….also of course, there’s a bunch of hard right-wingers in Russia, the rest of Europe, the U.S., S. America, and China…………………most of them seem to love them some war.

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  9. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member 6 months ago

    Just as some join the police to become a vigilante, some join the military just to hopefully (for them) kill.

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  10. Missing large
    WickWire64  6 months ago

    The GQP Chicken Cult trolls are today yet again proving that they really do have absolutely nothing in their lives but hatred for free people and people seeking freedom and nothing but love for dictators

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  11. Missing large
    tpcox928  6 months ago

    RedLion: Spoken like a person devoid of facts.

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  12. Missing large
    WickWire64  6 months ago

    yikes! The Putin lovers have emerged in full farce today goosestepping arm in arm with TFG to kiss Putin’s tail. The GQP is all smooches with even wannabe or has been dictators today. Almost as much love for hate as they have hate for love. Which comes out of the closet 1st for the Chicken Cult is too close to call. But what have they other than dictators and hatred and fear? They got… nothing

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  13. Img00025
    babka Premium Member 6 months ago

    a Ukrainian solder sent me his & his companions’ motto:

    “We live by chance, we love by choice, we kill by profession.”

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  14. Ukraine avatar 92
    Teto85 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Having some Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and First Nations/Native Alaskan ancestry, I find the three soldiers’ points all good ones. Слава україні героям слава

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  15. Missing large
    Fuzzy Kombu  6 months ago

    Oops, when you get to "I just like to kill , old Ares has won another round.

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  16. 3dbones
    Jingles  6 months ago

    “I’m fighting for America!” “I’m fighting to repel the communist invaders!” “I just like killing g00ks.” where have we all heard this before?

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