Jack Ohman for April 26, 2012

  1. Missing large
    Ez2foome  about 10 years ago

    So the point is, what? The govt is too big? Do away with Social Security and Medicare? Pfff. Same old same old, same old neo-con gibberish.

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  2. Qwerty01s
    cjr53  about 10 years ago

    This would make much more sense if the label was 1% instead. FYI, those of us that contributed to SS over the years worked for what little benefit we receive. I’d like to have mine when I turn 66. Otherwise, I’ll take a full refund now and stop paying into the system.

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  3. Hpim0603 edited
    Harolynne Premium Member about 10 years ago

    Excuse me – I’m a boomer and I paid, handsomely, for both my Social Security benefits and Medicare. I also paid for my parents’ benefits as they began to live longer.

    I also had stocks and bonds and when the market exploded, at least twice, I wasn’t made whole like the Banks.

    I think the wrong segment of the society is being blamed for this problem.

    If the rich were paying their taxes, Bush had budgeted for his 2 wars, and if the banks, who gambled and lost their shareholders’ savings, had to go under like any other business, we wouldn’t have as much debt as we do now.

    Too bad, @josefw is old enough to know better, but doesn’t! Not all Boomers are members of the 1%!

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  4. Koala
    ransomdstone  about 10 years ago

    Harolynne, you state the case very well. Those of us who predate the “Boomers” are in the same bind for the same reasons. The USA is a wealthy nation in every respect and can easily care for all it’s citizens with a combined effort to find solutions to our challenges.

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  5. 200
    Michael Peterson Premium Member about 10 years ago

    If they want to add means-testing for Social Security, I’m okay with that. But that pile of food shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the situation — the lack of sympathy being another topic. You can hate anyone you want, but the idea that Social Security puts people on a silk pillow is simply ignorant and ridiculous. Let’s see Ohman live on $1400 a month for a year and then draw a cartoon about the greedy people who enjoy such luxury.

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  6. Lol
    Kimberly Boatright Premium Member about 10 years ago

    I think the big guy needs to say “The Greatest Generation” and the doggy bag should say “Boomers” – there should also be a doggy bag’s doggy bag for Gen X…

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  7. Computerhead
    Spyderred  about 10 years ago

    There seems to be no awareness that for years both parties have taken every dime out of the so-called trust accounts to make the deficit smaller, and replaced it with a lot of non-interest-bearing IOUs. Now that those are coming due, and the money has been spent on pointless wars and gifts to foreign nations, Congress elephants want to welch on repayment because otherwise they would have to raise corporate income taxes — the same corps that got the money in the first place.

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  8. Missing large
    Fourcrows  about 10 years ago

    Actually, the concept for social security came from Thomas Paine.

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  9. Missing large
    rini1946  about 10 years ago

    I am a boomer and there are many boomer who have not made it this long so that money should be there. If the government would not have use the money at a 1% rate there would be plenty there.

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  10. Hubris
    Bryant Winterholer Premium Member about 10 years ago

    I’ve paid into SS since 64, my money, not government money. Had you allowed me to keep it and invest it own my own, it would be worth a hell of a lot more that what I ever can expect to see back from it, so don’t try to make me out to be a fat pig because I would like to see a little of it back.

    Maybe you should be looking at cutting SSI and other “social programs” for those who never worked and never contributed.

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