Ink Pen by Phil Dunlap for April 14, 2012

  1. Penguins
    James Hopkins  about 11 years ago

    Cutesy? Warner Brothers cartoons have a ton of violence, just watch a Wil E. Coyote cartoon. Not that I’m complaining, I love classic Warner Brothers!

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  2. Kittay
    naturally_easy  about 11 years ago

    Yeah, but the Politacally Correct Police will have Porky Pig seeing a speech therapist, lest somebody be offended.

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  3. Missing large
    rmacprivate  about 11 years ago

    Well lets see there is (pardon my spelling) Aeon Flux and Trippin the Rift. That should cover most of Caps interests.

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  4. Galapagos tortoise 3r
    PShaw0423  about 11 years ago

    Cap should check out Japanese manga. Then pick his jaw up off the floor….

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  5. David00a
    David Bethke Premium Member about 11 years ago

    Anybody seen the commercial from the Flintstones where Fred and Barney are smoking Winston cigarettes in the back yard?[]

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  6. Mrpeabody
    ProfessorKid  about 11 years ago

    For the guns just check out Yosemite Sam….

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  7. Missing large
    Gyrrakavian  almost 11 years ago

    Japan and Russia. Doonsebury used to have Mr. Butts (a talking cigarette).

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