Henry Payne for December 24, 2018

  1. Video snapshot
    Baslim the Beggar Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Rumor is they are going to make a Christmas-themed remake of a certain Hitchcock classic and call it, “It’s a wonderful knife.”

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  2. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Too many interruptions.. be even worse than all the commercials that interrupt the flow of a good movie

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  3. Missing large
    retpost  over 3 years ago

    Only if it`s commercial free.

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  4. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member over 3 years ago

    For Donna, I prefer “Green Dolphin Street” and “From Here to Eternity” (She won an Oscar for that) And for James I like “After the Thin Man” and “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

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  5. Zombie keith
    streetbeater  over 3 years ago

    What’s with the elves? Santa flies solo. Hank can’t seem to get anything right. NPI.

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  6. Little b
    Dani Rice  over 3 years ago

    What does it say on the mouth of the bag? It looks rather Al Hirschfeld-ish. Baby? Payne? Hay? Any ideas?

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