Gray Matters by Stuart Carlson and Jerry Resler for January 28, 2019


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member 11 months ago

    What’s the point of tv then?

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  2. Missing large
    Stevefk  11 months ago

    Where’s Natasha? Did she get arrested for being a Russian spy?

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  3. Missing large
    lesliematyas  11 months ago

    those were the golden age of cartoons….could still watch them for value and laughs, and I am 61 years old.

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  4. Hacking dog original
    J Short Premium Member 11 months ago

    Back when the Funnies were Funny. Now it’s all about some social message.

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  5. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 11 months ago

    Someone call Harvey Birdman. HE’LL Take the Case…and find out who killed them!

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  6. Analyzing computer tv head md wht
    The Proud Polack  11 months ago

    Now, if they have anything similar, it is basically just a half hour commercial for some toy.

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  7. Bits2
    Diat60  11 months ago

    How do parents get a Saturday morning sleep-in now?

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  8. Aha
    2peabody1  11 months ago

    beep beep my arse…..

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  9. Dk
    kunddog  11 months ago

    my favorite bullwinkles corner " I love little pussy"

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  10. Missing large
    guyjen2004  11 months ago

    I would like to take a moment to thank all of you above for NOT turning this into a political rant, attack, or tying it to current, divisive events. After all, Loony Toons, HB, etc. are scared ground. I’ve never been so proud of you maroons! Thanks, again. :)

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  11. Missing large
    Bill The Nuke  11 months ago

    R-oh R-oo, Rorge!

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  12. Missing large
    silver_pdx  11 months ago

    The saddest part is that today’s kids only know about Mickey Mouse is as a corporate logo….

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  13. John w kennedy 2010 square
    John W Kennedy Premium Member 11 months ago

    I might point out that not one of those characters was born on Saturday mornings. Rocky and Bullwinkle were Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, the Jetsons were prime time, and the rest had their origins in the 30s, 40s, and 50s as movie shorts.

    And new Rocky and Bullwinkle adventures are streaming on Amazon Prime Video right now.

    By the way, when I was a really little kid, Saturday morning TV meant Laurel and Hardy shorts (or sometimes raw, bleeding gobbets cut out of their features), not cartoons.

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  14. Missing large
    Li'l ol' me Premium Member 11 months ago

    And those were the good cartoons. Now they’re not PC enough and if you watch the DVDs there is a little speech before them by Whoopi Goldberg about how they were a product of their time. So very sad. The Cartoon Network wouldn’t play Speedy Gonzalez. Heck, I’m sure the French got ticked off at Pepe Le Pew.

    Fortunately we have them on DVD. Great stuff. As a history buff, I like the disc 6 cartoons, those are the propaganda ones made up by WB. Just a look back in time.

    Top Cat, Yogi and Boo Boo, The Jetsons, The Flintsones. Good stuff all around. Now you’re stuck with stupid Spongebob. Ugh.

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