Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham for April 10, 2021

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    Charks  4 months ago

    In 1959, another 18 year old made the transition from catcher to third base. His name was Ron Santo.

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    BikeMike  4 months ago

    And I never stopped watching the “The Rookie”

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    Mr Goink!  4 months ago

    P3- “I’ve got two strong forearms coach!”

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    Mr Reality  4 months ago

    P3 continued , Thanks Coach ,in all reality , I’m surprised you’re here .

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    Gil-doh!  4 months ago

    P4 Yeah, I was at the diner last summer and Mo the waitress put me in touch with Tru(e) Standish when he drove in from Hawaii for his rehab and started throwing with him to a little bada$$ catcher named Corina Karena, ever hear of her coach? I want her to be my personal catcher, make it happen coach or I might just forget about baseball again and spend more time at the library annoying Abel Brito with my mere presence

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    fanofgil  4 months ago

    Apparently they are playing on the beach where the left foot makes a “splash” in the dirt and the tide is incoming; P2 – what the heck is dangling between the catcher’s knees? his arm?P3- since pitcher is RH he is not allowed to wear the crooked hat as a lefty does; unless he is representing gangs? Stay tuned to find out……..

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    TheBrownStarfish  4 months ago

    P1, I wonder if she’ll make it all happen like her brother Big Ken?

    P2, Insane Zane looks. . . at the catcher. And it isn’t CK!

    P3, Yeah, and now the readers will never stop throwing up.

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    Irish53  4 months ago

    And Rubin has never stopped throwin’ BS stories at us

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    hifirick1953  4 months ago

    What is Zane doing at the library every night?? What family problem does he have at home??

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  10. Foghorn
    jslabotnik  4 months ago

    Settles in? Sure seems an odd way to be making a backhand stop, is she taking the rare throw from first base?

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    bearwku82  4 months ago

    P1- Didn’t BKB play The Hot Corner? That must be one proud Cow Judge.

    P2 & P3- Is Zagnut the 2nd coming of True?

    P4- Corinna shows up in catchers gear. “Hey True. How come your not in Tampa Bay?”

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    comicly  4 months ago

    What’s with all the sporting? I came for the library action. Is that Pedro hanging out at the information desk? Just how many computers are open per hour? Where’s Mr Brito?

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  13. Wmac
    wmac8898  4 months ago

    What’s with these Milford kids? A few years ago we had the dude who stopped playing football in 8th grade, yet he still kept up his punting skills. Now we have Zane, who kept pitching despite not playing organized baseball for two years.

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  14. Luhm 2 27 10
    Mopman  4 months ago

    So Mimi takes the time to privately talk to Jocelynn to deliver the “bad news” that she’s losing her starting catcher position. Then it’s just tough crap to whomever was the starting thirdbaseman. Replaced with no warning by someone who has never played there.

    And speaking of warning, I’m giving you a warning that today’s Mopped Up Thorp is now online.
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    metals24  4 months ago

    P3- And when I was a freshman Barry Bader showed me a great exercise you could do with either hand……I mean wrist…..I mean arm.

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    Ellisburkes  4 months ago

    What a gripping saga.

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    bearwku82  4 months ago

    P2- Hellboy called. He wants his craw back catcher!

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