Gil Thorp by Henry Barajas and Rod Whigham for January 16, 2021

  1. Large yep  i m marty moon
    Rob McLean  about 2 years ago

    P1: Is this basketball or wrestling?

    P2: Kids, don’t do drugs!

    P3: “From you, all right?! I learned it from you…!”

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  2. Luhm 2 27 10
    Mopman  about 2 years ago

    P1 – Wow, talk about the game getting out of control! I hope that Milford player is getting ejected!

    P2 – Oh wow, so original Vic. Stealing the Piston’s announcer’s shtick.

    P3 – Gil, late to the game, checks with Vic to see if Milford won or not. And come on Gil, you don’t know where he got that from? One of your requirements for the PA job was to know basketball trivia about the Pistons, and you aren’t familiar with this well-know call yourself?

    And speaking of well-known, it’s well-known that you can read Mopped Up Thorp right here –

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  3. Matrim
    flashdrive1988  about 2 years ago

    P1: Well whatdidya expect? … Dribbling an opposing player’s head over the line is definitely going to be called out-of-bounds!

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  4. Missing large
    Charks  about 2 years ago

    Mudlarks send em home to Maumee. Next: A paid ad on each game program with VD’s picture — “After the game, take it to the Bucket. Try our new GIL-Burger! Open weekends till 11:30. Dial MIL-FORD and your order and table will be waiting.” VD now gets plate of wings on the house with sauce of his choice! BTW, anyone else think he’s Allen Ludden’s grandson?

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  5. 2015 09 29 07.19.27
    Bucky  about 2 years ago

    P1 Did he run over the guy on the floor??

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  6. Test01b
    Lawrence.S  about 2 years ago

    “Where did you get that?”

    “I got it from you, Coach!”

    “Wondered what happened to it. It was locked in a drawer in my office desk. Someone ransacked my office last week.”

    “Er… No, it isn’t yours. I borrowed it from Coach Kaz.”

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  7. 5v65o35x13n83of3pfbaq59a7b680210e10f0
    TheBrownStarfish  about 2 years ago

    P1, Vic deftly ducks out of the way of the three-fingered ref’s call. You’ll put an eye out, ref.

    P2, Vic belts out another toon.

    P3, Vic, Gil has no idea what went on in the game he just now showed up for the shower ceremony. He was just asking where you found his prized loofah, Excaliber.

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  8. Screenshot 2018 12 01 11.54.35
    Snarker formerly known as Rube Whigham  about 2 years ago

    “I’ll have to tell Mimi to stop donating my ’70s turtlenecks to the Salvation Army.”

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  9. 2015 wku chf golf scramble
    bearwku82  about 2 years ago

    Everyday should be Saturday Mudlark fans. We have referee with the Oswald Cobblepot hand, EES, shouting, gratuitous Gil cameo, Fist Pump Family and an army of ants. How can all that be crammed into 3 panels? Do you think inquiring minds want to know Mr. Reality?

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  10. Download
    Irish53  about 2 years ago

    Vic is getting some good experience doin these games so he can have a career as a TV pitchman for Milford Used Cars

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  11. 337c573d 3320 4b2f 8458 de41826008f6
    Gil-doh!  about 2 years ago

    P1 Doug Guthrie takes advantage of the opponent on the ground by grabbing his hair, pulling his face into his groin as the ref signals “me next

    P2 Vic experiences another bout of chronic EES and can exlaims “WHOOOO’SS YOUR DADDD-DDDY MAUUMEEE” in shocked reaction to what he is witnessing in front of him

    P3 As the ants file silently to the showers for the post-game, GilPa asks Vic “where did you get that?” as he looks at the Turbo-King Deluxe loofah Vic has in his hands. Vic smiles and says “who you kidding coach, you know

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  12. Missing large
    hifirick1953  about 2 years ago

    Gil with a tie??

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  13. Archive07 thumbnail
    Bluedarter  about 2 years ago

    “Get what, the Woody Allen mask?”

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  14. Luhm 2 27 10
    Mopman  about 2 years ago

    Again, why is Milford wearing lavender uniforms for this game????

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