Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley for February 07, 2020


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  1. I yam who i yam
    Kind&Kinder  2 months ago

    Careful, Satch, the Comics Censor is listening!

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  2. Missing large
    stillfickled  2 months ago


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  3. Eveningledger connie
    Johnny Q Premium Member 2 months ago


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  4. Eyeballs
    Temnospondyl - I have my father's eyes...  2 months ago

    For a comic strip, this arc is correctly funny…

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  5. Picture
    EcurbYkspohs  2 months ago

    Bucky next time stop while Satchel is ahead ;-)

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  6. 87b32939 e28a 4a8f 80f5 109e2a0f9264
    SchadenfreudePersonified  2 months ago

    Is it very wrong of me to laugh aloud at this one?

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  7. Th1k44e930
    dwane.scoty1  2 months ago

    Bucky assumes that kind “creative” nonsense is his Domain!

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  8. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  2 months ago


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  9. 2541 6924938
    mjb515  2 months ago

    It is not as if Satchel really knows what green is, anyway.

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  10. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  2 months ago

    “It’s shiny and itty-bitty…It’s iney-biney! (i-nee bi-nee)

    No? The what did he mea….? OHHHHH!….. nevermind.


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  11. Familyreunion2009
    Pocosdad  2 months ago

    Today’s strip is fun and arty; it’s…hmmm…

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  12. Missing large
    joegee  2 months ago

    The difference between these two is that Satchel is aware that he’s making up words.

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  13. Cossacks 7 t
    TMR  2 months ago

    Reminds me of a shock value joke from when I was a kid (I’m sure it must still around) Some kids would say to an adult, “I know a word that starts with F and ends with UCK” If you had good timing, you would wait for that precise moment between the look of shock and/or horror to start to fade from their faces and just before they could say anything to proudly state, with a huge grin on your face, “firetruck!”. Most of the time, the adult was too relieved to make an issue out of it. ☺

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  14. Missing large
    golfgranny47  2 months ago

    Another day of big laughs! I love Satchel!

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  15. Missing large
    Connie.Shearer  2 months ago

    Didn’t we already see this one within the past several months? Or am I suffering from an acute case of deja vu? Anyhow, it’s still funny.

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  16. Hopper oneal mini
    YippiKiAyMofo  2 months ago


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  17. Missing large
    snacko  2 months ago

    Get Fuzzy is continuously the best written comic in theaters today.

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  18. Missing large
    lookinside  2 months ago


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  19. Dr who weeping angel  1
    Blaidd Drwg Premium Member 2 months ago

    I’m shocked, and I’m happy..I’m Shappy. Anyone remember that show?

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  20. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  2 months ago

    A pretty “it-iny” idea if I ever heard one.

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  21. Donald duck2
    gmu328  2 months ago

    Finally a sensible funny output by Conley. The recent bits where Satchel kept eating everything has been done before not quite entertaining.

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  22. Missing large
    klingon131  2 months ago

    I really laughed hard at this one!

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  23. Missing large
    pamela welch Premium Member 2 months ago


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  24. Missing large
    STACEY MARSHALL Premium Member 2 months ago

    Pandelirium is presactly pridiculous!

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  25. Missing large
    lordhoff  2 months ago

    Can the censor man complain when it was left completely inside the head of the reader? :)

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  26. Missing large
    whelan_jj  2 months ago

    Yes, Satch you can make up a word that sounds like an existing one! Ignore the annoying cat, go right ahead.

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  27. Srt viper blue 2
    rgcviper  2 months ago

    Wow, Satch—didn’t know you had it in ya.

    This new word combo made me laugh.

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