Aug 10, 2013
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Bucky: Lost the remote? I happen to have just invented a remote that comes to you.
Rob: What'd you do with the remote?
Bucky: Don't answer yet! What if this new remote even got you a cold drink?
Bucky: Get your wallet out, Robert, for I now give you... The dogmote!
Bucky: Don't drink the client's soda!
Rob: You taped a remote control to a dog.
Bucky: Batteries are included, but some minimal maintenance cost can be expected.
Rob: keep my new TV remote from starving.
Bucky: Wellll, to preserve your unit's mobility, yes.
Rob: So you're trying to sell me a TV remote that I have to feed for 15 years.
Bucky: Technically, no, but you'll want to amok sure it's on the sofa when you stop feeding it.
Satchel: Huh?
TV: Now the news!
Bucky: Don't move your lips. It presses buttons.
Aug 12, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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