Gary Varvel for December 01, 2020


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  1. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 3 months ago

    Because the Rump is spreading his lies those sore gullible losers.

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  2. Missing large
    sipsienwa Premium Member 3 months ago

    So many gullible people. Sigh.

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  3. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 months ago

    That is horrifying. Of course, the orange mistake has been amplifying that view as hard as possible. He really is the worst possible president, hands down.

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  4. Tf 117
    RAGs  3 months ago

    Varvel could do graphics for OANN and Newsmax.

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  5. Marvin the martian
    Fflashbang  3 months ago

    It’s actually Trump in disguise, ever other president was given the keys.

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  6. Ufo not
    mr_sherman Premium Member 3 months ago

    The so-called cartoonist is one of them.

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  7. Rick o shay
    wiatr Premium Member 3 months ago

    More leavings from a deranged propagandist.

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  8. Missing large
    Daeder  3 months ago

    This just in: 47% of voters believe total BS without any proof to support it!

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  9. Rick and morty 91d86486 2737 4e8f a1ca 8e1b1ed1070d
    sevaar777  3 months ago

    Vlad says “thanks” Gary. You’re doing your part making Russia great again by showing that democracy is for losers.

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  10. Pat new 150
    Patjade Premium Member 3 months ago

    Only the Cult Followers, Gary. Like you.

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  11. Simplistic
    leifand Premium Member 3 months ago

    Actually it’s not correct. It’s “only” half of republican voters who believe this. That being said, it’s a total mystery for a European like me how an intelligent cartoonist can bring himself to forward what he by now surely must know is completely without substance or proof. Democracy is not a game!!

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  12. Rupert 1.9 small
    kluless19  3 months ago

    The reds only got 46% not 47

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  13. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  3 months ago

    Show your work, Gary. Where did you get that stat? And out of a place where the sun don’t shine is not a valid source. But let’s say it IS 47% — that means the majority see it as a valid election. So what’s your problem?

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  14. Missing large
    tbarry718  3 months ago

    The Trump lie machine along with right-wing media did its job. Now it’s up to the Dems to be the grown-ups and clean up the mess (again).

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  15. Missing large
    Valiant1943 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Why would anyone be surprised? Look how many believe in lizard people, don’t wear masks, or don’t get their children vaccinated.

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  16. Durak
    Durak Premium Member 3 months ago

    What a shame that so many people are just plain wrong. Let’s ask ourselves, “Why are so many people wrong?”

    The answer is simple. Liars like Gary Varvel, spreading “views” that they know to be untrue.

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  17. Missing large
    Taste the air Premium Member 3 months ago

    I thought Trump didn’t believe in the polls anymore. Or only Rasmussen which leans pretty far to the right.

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  18. Bd8757dd 99b6 4546 b69c f1d571714e69
    Tralfaz Premium Member 3 months ago

    Mr. Varvel, perhaps your copy of the latest National Review was delayed in the mail. So as a service to you, at the bottom is a link to their latest editorial, titled “Trump’s Disgraceful Endgame” and immediately below is a snippet from it. I admire their use of “petulant”…

    “…make no mistake: The chief driver of the post-election contention of the past several weeks is the petulant refusal of one man to accept the verdict of the American people. The Trump team (and much of the GOP) is working backwards, desperately trying to find something, anything to support the president’s aggrieved feelings, rather than objectively considering the evidence and reacting as warranted.”

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  19. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  3 months ago


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  20. Missing large
    jhayesd31  3 months ago

    Yes Gary Your Lies do have Consequences.

    Destruction of Democracy is simply a tool you use to Praise your Dear Leader.

    I hope you are PROUD of your work!

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  21. Missing large
    suzalee  3 months ago

    Trump is going after the gullible’s money—they are sending him money by the truck loads. Very sad.

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  22. 2b21f09a 63d7 4ad1 83a6 fdf4d8b30651
    Zev  Premium Member 3 months ago

    That’s 47% of the Trump Party’s viewpoint. But then, they were dumb enough to vote for the weasel in the first (and second, talk about dumb) place.

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  23. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member 3 months ago

    So all of a sudden the polls are right?

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  24. Missing large
    brit-ed  3 months ago

    The same 47% of the voters also believe in the invisible sky wizard; that doesn’t make it real. There’s no proof of either.

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  25. Missing large
    wolfhoundblues1  3 months ago

    47% of OAN viewers

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  26. Missing large
    studiotyler  3 months ago

    Ah, yes- the stupid people.

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  27. 1faentz
    OldCoal  3 months ago

    Yup, Trump’s base is gullible. I fully agree. They’ll believe any lie that flies out of his mouth.

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  28. Missing large
    davidthoms1  3 months ago

    After nearly 24,000 lies from Trump, how is it that they still believe?

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  29. Red panda small
    Redd Panda  3 months ago

    This is some funny S**T! Damn, I choked on my coffee.

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  30. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member 3 months ago

    Herr Goebbels would approve of this cartoon.

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  31. Missing large
    thelordthygod666  3 months ago

    And 33% believe that both UFOs and Big Foot are real. As philosopher Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid”.

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  32. Missing large
    grange  3 months ago

    47% of those polled… BTW, Gary, nothing is harder to break into than the Beast. If the Secret Service doesn’t let you in, it’s not going to happen.

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  33. Homoerectus
    fusilier  3 months ago

    Der Dolchstoßlegende was a lie then, is a lie now. So, of course, Varvie promotes it.


    James 2:24

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  34. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 3 months ago

    GoComics must be working for some, I get no image(s) on my iPad and on my Laptop only get a directory tree. ????

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  35. Giraffe cat
    I Play One On TV  3 months ago

    I see this comic differently. I see a statement of fact, and only that, and not a specific point being made. It is true that a large percentage of Americans think that the election was car-jacked. I don’t know about the percentage; I do know that 83.2734% of all statistics are made up on the spot. But the truth is there: there are a lot of people who feel that way.

    Scary to think that people who will intentionally believe fantasies rather than face facts are reproducing, and possibly in the teaching professions.

    I don’t understand how people allow themselves to be sucked into cults. Until recently I was comforted to know that their numbers were small. It’s a big smack in the face to see how wrong I was.

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  36. Screen shot 2020 12 01 at 8.14.28 am
    librarylady59  3 months ago

    Roughly half of Republicans believe President Trump “rightfully won” the election, with 68 percent saying they had concerns about a “rigged” vote counting process in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, according to a new Reuters-Ipsos opinion poll released Wednesday.

    Overall, 73 percent of Americans polled in the Nov. 13-17 survey said they believed Biden won the election, while 5 percent say they thought Trump won. –

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  37. Screen shot 2020 12 01 at 8.14.28 am
    librarylady59  3 months ago

    According to a new Monmouth University poll, about three in four Republicans now doubt the fairness of the 2020 presidential election, even though there is no evidence that the electoral process was compromised in a way that could affect the outcome. And as you can see in the chart below, distrust among Republicans has skyrocketed since Election Day.Monmouth isn’t the only pollster to find very high levels of distrust among Republicans, either. A YouGov/Economist poll this week found that 73 percent of Republicans had little or no confidence that the election was conducted fairly and a Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 67 percent of Republicans thought that the 2020 election was either “probably” or “definitely” not free and fair.ITS’ IMPORTANT TO STRESS THAT ALL THREE POLLSTERS DID FIND A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ACCEPTED THE RESULTS – ROUGHLY 6 IN 10 – but what is worrisome is that only about 4 in 10 said they were very confident that the election was conducted fairly and accurately. –

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  38. Screen shot 2020 12 01 at 8.14.28 am
    librarylady59  3 months ago

    Varvel is either lying, didn’t read the polls correctly, has made up his own poll, or who knows. If he is quoting a real poll, he should cite the source.

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  39. Picture
    ChristopherBurns  3 months ago

    The stupid is strong with these ones.

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  40. Missing large
    DD IN CC Premium Member 3 months ago

    It’s a cartoon

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  41. Missing large
    LJZ  3 months ago


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  42. Missing large
    dpatrickryan Premium Member 3 months ago

    Translation: 47% of Americans are morons?

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  43. 1664ff45 9205 4fd3 bed4 fa93500e117b
    rmfrye Premium Member 3 months ago

    So that means 53% disagree with your depiction. Bye. Loser.

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  44. Missing large
    smartgrr  3 months ago

    ^Beat me to it.

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  45. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 3 months ago

    I guess most American voters like cheaters?

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  46. Photo
    VadimUzdensky1  3 months ago

    Those people are objectively wrong. I’m pretty sure the 47% figure in this cartoon is likewise objectively wrong.

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  47. Wllyblly
    Wlly Blly  3 months ago

    And again Varvel only sees what he wants to. He’s such a tool.

    While 47% might have voted for the loser in the White House, the number of them that have been conned into actually believing in his claims of fraud is much lower than that.

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  48. Missing large  3 months ago

    Gary, you need to get yourself a parrot, and put a little yellow hairpiece on it, then teach it some phrases like “no collusion” and “ fake news” and “ IWon Iwon iwon” and “ Donny wants a cracker“ More Varveldrival! Try a little harder, huh Gar.

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  49. Missing large
    DrDon1  3 months ago

    Varvel demonstrating that some opinions are ‘best left unexpressed’ openly!

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  50. Witch4
    Bex Premium Member 3 months ago

    “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” Christopher Hitchens.

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  51. Fighting irish hood auto decal 2000x
    ndblackirish97  3 months ago

    And more than 75% of Republicans make up that 47% of Americans. It’s pathetic. Had GOP encouraged mail-in voting instead of trying to disrupt the effectiveness of the post office; things may have gone in a different direction. Heavy emphasis on “may”.

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  52. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 3 months ago

    47% are really stupid.

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  53. Picture4
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member 3 months ago

    Biden won, crooked lying racist election rigging covid spreading hateful Trump lost, get over it.

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  54. Party cat
    rhonda Premium Member 3 months ago

    Sorry. Losing side always thinks the boogeyman is responsible.

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  55. Hpim0646
    Old Guy  3 months ago

    “Democrats just issued a message to all the people they’ve called racists and Nazis for four years that it’s time to heal and work together.” – Comedian Argus Hamilton

    From what I see here, there will be no olive branch extended.

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  56. Me feb2221
    Another Take  3 months ago


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  57. Missing large
    ferddo  3 months ago

    Which means, using Varvel’s own poll results, that 53% of voters do not view the 2020 election of suffering from any theft…

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  58. The eye of god
    Woodstock Generation Premium Member 3 months ago

    Propaganda works on the lazy and the dumb.

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  59. Cottagepainting   copy  2
    StackableContainers  3 months ago

    I used to always be the one saying things like “we have to respect each other.” I have gotten people of similar political outlook mad at me for always pushing that belief. But large segments of republican party, conservatives and Christians have made that impossible now. How can you respect people this willfully and intentionally ignorant? The answer is that you can’t.

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  60. Download
    Walter Kocker Premium Member 3 months ago

    In other news,

    “Trump has raised up to $170 million SINCE Election Day.”

    Typically from small-amount donors – 75% of the money can be used for ANY purpose Trump wants, and 25% is to go to RNC operations (whatever THAT means) begging the question,


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  61. A selfie2
    Brian G Premium Member 3 months ago

    “What a fool believes, no wise man has the power to reason away” Loggins & McDonald

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  62. Missing large
    walfishj  3 months ago

    Yeah and half of them think chocolate milk comes from brown cows whilst the other half believes the Earth is flat and some of them even believe half of DJT’s lies.

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  63. Witch4
    Bex Premium Member 3 months ago

    So glad someone said this:

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  64. Missing large
    The Love of Money is . . .  3 months ago

    Just before leaving Trump threw away all the keys to the vehicles . . .what a LOSER. . . . ./s

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  65. Aaue7md0b0rgomy9hp9uaorlfbrjkkwygrtne4ra1lnf
    JanaKralovna  3 months ago

    47% also think Trump is secretly trying to undermine a cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles. So there you go.

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  66. Anger
    grumpypophobart  3 months ago

    The car is sealed against biochemical attacks, and equipped with run-flat tires inside extra-large wheel wells so the Beast can keep running in an emergency. Meanwhile, there are a number of other tricks that include a night vision system and some other James Bond-style gimmicks: It can put out a smokescreen, fire tear gas, and lay down an oil slick to send vehicles chasing it out of control. Even the door handles can be electrified to shock those who might try to get inside. So, like the election, it’s pretty much tamper proof.

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  67. Missing large
    T Smith  3 months ago

    To hell with them if they refuse to accept reality.

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  68. Poncho icon
    Jimathai Premium Member 3 months ago

    lmao… SO. … but for real though… if they feel the electoral system is broken they should boycott the next election.

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  69. Ca avatar patch
    CougarAllen  3 months ago

    It’s the biggest conspiracy in history, involving more than 80 million people. Send me money to stop the steal!*

    *Except for the unspecified portion of the money you send me that I will use for other, unspecified purposes.

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  70. Sulky chatin
    cwg  3 months ago

    The Pennsylvania legislature put rules in place stating unequivocally that no votes were to be counted after election day.

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  71. Me feb2221
    Another Take  3 months ago

    A day without Varvel is like a day without something stupid to complain about.

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  72. Missing large
    morrioghain1  3 months ago

    Well, that means 53% believe it was not stolen…which is a majority. A sufficient majority for a clear winner…who is not Drumpf.

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  73. Pink gloves
    Luvas Rosa Premium Member 3 months ago

    According to this headline, only 47% ACTUALLY voted for Trump, so why discuss this? He obviously lost.

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  74. 19c322eb
    donut reply  3 months ago

    Varvel: such a good artist wasted on lies.

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  75. Missing large
    buckyteeth  3 months ago

    This cartoon…LOLOLOL

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  76. Missing large
    buckman-j  3 months ago

    It just proves the adage..You can fool some of the people ALL OF THE TIME

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  77. Udog 1
    ScottHolman  3 months ago

    can we move on now?

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  78. Udog 1
    ScottHolman  3 months ago

    I think it’s about 60% now.

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