Garfield by Jim Davis for January 31, 2023

  1. Missing large
    codycab  8 months ago

    Well the million ways outnumbers the other so why not?

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  2. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  8 months ago

    This month went by kinda slow

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  3. Missing large
      8 months ago

    the best advice?

    don’t listen to Garfield’s advice

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  4. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  8 months ago

    Oh, do tell, Garfield, the easy way to stick to the diet.

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  5. Blue harvest
    BJ40 Premium Member 8 months ago

    Maybe Garfield, should go on a Jenny Craig diet.

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  6. New specs
    DaveG1960  8 months ago

    The kind of advice that will get you that pie in the face…..

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  7. Avatar1 65
    Snoopy_Fan  8 months ago

    It looks like he’s eating someone’s blue dentures.

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  8. 300 ring
    JamesMc21  8 months ago

    The slice of pie looks a bit…bizarro.

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  9. Fb img 1575732366064
    AlondraRachellaLabute  8 months ago

    Why does your blueberry pie look like a mouth with blue teeth, Garfield? The blueberries are lined up perfectly.

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  10. Aatxajyt0k1nbrznnl6tau5xwsuetymyjuhn1v6klq0y=s96 c
    2AndFour  8 months ago

    I do the same thing.

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  11. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  8 months ago

    So you’re saying not sticking with a diet is easy as pie, Garfield?

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  12. Missing large
    edmund_graham  8 months ago

    That sounds about right

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  13. Missing large
    DavBlc7  8 months ago

    That pie looked like a shape of a croc!!!!

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  14. Missing large
    DJohnny  8 months ago

    My first thought: When has Garfield got dentures?

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  15. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  8 months ago

    Trust me, Garfield, we ALL know a million ways to cheat on a diet.

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  16. A38827865547420c0ec7ec0369ec6e47
    GarfieldIndy500Guy  8 months ago

    The lasagna’s missing again.

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  17. Download
    camerondawson  8 months ago

    you’re on a diet?

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  18. Blu
    Blu Bunny  8 months ago

    He is eating all the 4 original food groups! Crust; butter-dairy, flour-wheat bread, blueberries-fruit, cornstarch-corn vegetable.

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  19. Missing large
    Doug K  8 months ago

    Garfield chooses to go where the odds are in his favor.

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  20. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  8 months ago

    Well that’s your personal o-pie-nion, cat.

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  21. 3cca29fe aeb5 478d 8fdf 9025dacb3e48
    Hoosier Poet  8 months ago

    That pie looks like it’s ready to bite him back.

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  22. Wtd avitar
    Dgwphotos  8 months ago

    Those look more like ball bearings than they do blueberries.

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  23. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  8 months ago

    I was about to say, when was the last time we ever saw blueberry pie make an appearance in the strip?

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  24. Wolf
    Mediatech  8 months ago

    Keep all things in moderation, especially the moderation.

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  25. Missing large
    germanvisitor  8 months ago

    Thats either a weird pie or the weirdest dentals I have ever seen.

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  26. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member 8 months ago

    If you go back to old habits you’ll go back to that body. It has to be a permanent change in lifestyle. If you want to eat like a farmer, you’d best work like a farmer, or you’ll be built like a cow.

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  27. Mime attachment
    cactusbob333  8 months ago

    It’s much easier to stick to food than to stick to a diet.

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  28. Teamsters logo
    Local 574 Premium Member 8 months ago

    No such thing as a “healthy diet.” No such thing as “healthy food.” It’s all a scam. 90% of Americans suffer from excess nutrition. “Doctor, tell me what to eat so I can lose weight.” “How about eating less?” “No! No! Anything but that!”

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  29. Missing large
      8 months ago

    who remembers the old Efferdent commercial?

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  30. T
    T...  8 months ago

    Hope those pearly blues are soft…

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  31. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 8 months ago

    Well, if he knows one way to stick to a diet, that is one more than I’m aware of .

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  32. Giorello 1
    comicaluser  8 months ago

    Those are some neatly stacked blueberries!

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  33. Iconanimestatic
    karmakat01  8 months ago

    as he knows a way to keep onto your diet for real, goofy Garfield.

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  34. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  8 months ago

    Garfield is on the ‘see food’ diet. Except of course for raisins.

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  35. Aaue7md1d3xol5yiczutqrpeqb0ih 2vtxqpv2knkrw8
    WentHulk  8 months ago


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