Garfield by Jim Davis for October 10, 2021

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    305buckets  about 1 year ago

    Reverse psychology at its finest. Nicely played, Mr. Arbuckle!

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  2. Missing large
    codycab  about 1 year ago

    Plot twist: Both of the treats had a pill in them!

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  3. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  about 1 year ago

    I still think there’s a pill in those treats

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  4. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  about 1 year ago

    So one of the things that Jon was thinking about yesterday was to find a way to trick Garfield into taking his pills?

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  5. Garfieldstanding
    arjun.shriv  about 1 year ago

    Garfield, you furbrain! He just put the pill on both!

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  6. 8d4e8ad6 4494 4665 8009 edd51c3035f8
    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  about 1 year ago

    Good trolling, Jon.

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  7. Samvadi fb
    in.amongst  about 1 year ago

    Oh dear – now we have to guess the pillock!

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  8. Missing large
    Olddog04  about 1 year ago

    Nicely done John.

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  9. Radedsmiley
    meg_grif  about 1 year ago

    Who would have thought John could be so clever?

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  10. Garfieldstanding
    arjun.shriv  about 1 year ago

    Garfield’s overconfidence was his weakness.

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  11. Missing large
    oddhumor  about 1 year ago

    Cleverness from Jon? What strange alternate universe are we living in?

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  12. Fb img 1575732366064
    AlondraRachellaLabute  about 1 year ago

    Jon you’re getting smarter in your old age.

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  14. Missing large
    catmom1360 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    One has to use trickery to get animals their meds.

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  15. Blue harvest
    BJ40 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Cats usually get their way, but for once, Jon actually outsmarted Garfield.

    Who would’ve thunk it ?

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  16. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Jon outsmarted him? Isn’t that a sign of the end times?

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  17. Rays
    TampaFanatic1  about 1 year ago

    Wow, Jon got over on Garfield. That happens about as often as something good happening to Chuck over on the Peanuts strip…..

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  18. 20201130 151248
    yoey1957  about 1 year ago

    Ok, who the heck are you and what have you done with Jon?

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  19. Logo
    TwilightFaze  about 1 year ago

    A victory for Jon!! Well played, my boy. Well played!

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  20. Compass
    su43dipta  about 1 year ago

    A rare instance of Jon having the last laugh…

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  21. Blue harvest
    BJ40 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Is this the sign of the Catopalypse, in a biblical proportion ?

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  22. Anger symbol 1f4a2
    Kai Tenshin  about 1 year ago

    Geez garfield why didn’t you just stuff the pills up jons nose and eat a tuna sandwich.

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  23. Foolishhandsomebarracuda max 1mb
    Frog-on-a-Log Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Jon’s lucid moment

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  24. Diamonds and roses  1
    Diamonds&Roses Premium Member about 1 year ago

    That’s actually pretty smart of Jon!

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  25. Avt freyjaw autumn48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Jon knows Garfield well.

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  26. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   about 1 year ago

    He gave it away in the 3rd panel

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  27. 1017207 10200214106421862 492754112 n
    Cameron1988 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Okay, I gotta give to Jon. That was very, very clever

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  28. 2017 cropped square
    mhthaung Premium Member about 1 year ago

    A bit surprising, from Jon. But I guess he’s gotta get a break every so often.

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  29. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  about 1 year ago

    Would Garfield eat it for a Scooby Snack?

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  30. Missing large
    scpandich  about 1 year ago

    I’m guessing Liz made a suggestion to Jon.

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  31. Missing large
    edmund_graham  about 1 year ago

    Well played Jon, well played

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  32. Large 87ad1866 6beb 4a63 95ad 8e154adecb6c
    Josequeen   about 1 year ago


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  33. Purplepeopleeater small
    Purple People Eater  about 1 year ago

    Maybe Jon isn’t as dumb as he looks.

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  34. Missing large
    awcoffman  about 1 year ago

    He learned that trick from the iocaine (sp?) scene in Princess Bride.

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  35. Deutsch beer week
    Norris66  about 1 year ago

    Garfield will next spit it out like a watermelon seed.

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  36. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  about 1 year ago

    Score a rare win for Jon

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  37. Avatar
    Autological  about 1 year ago

    It’s missing the final panel — Jon’s eyes fly wide open and thinks, “Oh no! That was the one with the Spanish Fly for Liz!”

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  38. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  about 1 year ago

    Jon with the 1,000 IQ play. I like it.

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  39. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  about 1 year ago

    Remember what I said yesterday about Jon’s intelligence being buried deep within his brain? Well, it looks like it really did emerge at the right moment. Jon was finally successful in getting Garfield to take his pill, using some good old Reverse Psychology.

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  40. Missing large
    raybarb44  about 1 year ago

    The master is now the pupil…….

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  41. Joyce in front of digital white house
    jrbaskind Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Jon Arbuckle for the win!

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  42. Missing large
    akb02  about 1 year ago

    Oh no! It’s the old bait and switch!

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  43. Missing large
    akb02  about 1 year ago

    We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, and we’ve been quite possibly bamboozled! Duped! Speckedorfed!

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  44. Dresdentvtimage 7908
    bob-droid12  about 1 year ago

    Never thought I would see John pull one over on Garfield.

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  45. Missing large
    cmxx  about 1 year ago

    Amazing! Well, a little benign, gobsmacking astonishment in the morning is good for us.

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  46. Iconanimestatic
    karmakat01  about 1 year ago


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  47. 0c1a7710 e852 4446 9d58 d704e1b1c5e6
    rsrider123  about 1 year ago

    A few of Jon’s brain cells got fried for this

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  48. Face resize
    donut reply  about 1 year ago

    Ok What trick do you use tomorrow?

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  49. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  about 1 year ago

    It’s moments like this that makes October one scary month.

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  50. Missing large
    sbwagner  about 1 year ago

    Way to go John!!!

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  51. 06 us2c ue24
    Sailor46 USN 65-95  about 1 year ago

    Jon is smarter than he looks, of course he would have to be.

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  52. Missing large
    geese28  about 1 year ago

    Garfield: 5345 Jon: 2

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  53. Aaue7md1d3xol5yiczutqrpeqb0ih 2vtxqpv2knkrw8
    WentHulk  about 1 year ago

    Well played Jon Arbuckle.

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  54. L56uzgj
    yrstachniak  about 1 year ago

    Who is he and how did he outsmart garfield

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  55. Missing large
    paullp Premium Member about 1 year ago

    To those who are so surprised that Jon finally won a round: even the dullest of us shine once in a while.

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  56. Blue harvest
    BJ40 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    But still, Jon IS NOT, the sharpest tool in the shed, just the sharpest fool.

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  57. Missing large
    jdolar314  about 1 year ago

    i didn’t know he was that intelligent

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  58. 205902c7 40fb 4bbe 8c7e 79a7c01f3861
    jasonsnakelover  about 1 year ago

    But do you know?

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  59. Missing large
    Mimerio  about 1 year ago

    Yikes… Jon’s getting smarter.

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