Garfield by Jim Davis for September 18, 2020


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  1. Giphy
    beavislol  7 months ago

    He was popular..with the nerds.

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  2. Garfieldstanding
    arjun.shriv  7 months ago

    Oh, he was popular alright ;)

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  3. Missing large
    305buckets  7 months ago

    I’m not sure I’d consider myself to be popular in high school, but I did make quite some impressions with my teachers and some of my classmates. During Chemistry class in 10th grade, everyone thought I was pretty funny, although most of the time I don’t even try to be funny.

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  4. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  7 months ago

    When I was in high school, I think I had some popularity moments and some non-popularity moments… for sure not because my father was the principal.

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  5. Missing large
    codycab  7 months ago

    Same question, different but also obvious answers.

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  6. Bead braid p
    I Mad Am I  7 months ago

    I think I was voted Most Likely To… Who Was That Again???? ;)

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  7. Blue harvest
    BJ40 Premium Member 7 months ago

    Sorry Jon, they were MORE HAPPY to see you leave.

    Was that because Jon was a complete klutz ?

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  8. Aaue7mcpja1uopxbdjvwu8qwfbx4eqtxshds 5xqqi 9
    SamuelMeasa  7 months ago

    Summers would find John walking funny around Camp Salute Your Shorts.

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  9. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  7 months ago

    I’m sure they took Jon’s happiness while he was there, and he took theirs when he left.

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  10. Me2
    PleaseStay6PixelsAway  7 months ago

    Yes, I was a popular kid in high school. Let’s see, where was I? Oh yeah — Do you want fries with that?

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  11. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  7 months ago

    I was bearly popular anywhere.

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  12. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  7 months ago

    “I was voted Most Likely to be the Second Banana in a Cartoon Strip!”

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  13. Missing large
    guenette.charlie  7 months ago

    I just tried to get through high school anonymously.

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  14. Skype pic
    Wren Fahel  7 months ago

    Most people knew me in high school (I can’t say everyone…my class was 1,000 students). They knew me as a bully-target. Even other bully-targets looked down on me. My own cousin told me not to say anything to him if he was with his friends. I received death threats near the end of my senior year. Graduation was one of the happiest days of my life.

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  15. 9cfa9d91 c1e1 4d65 978b 21952c11801b
    Zebrastripes  7 months ago

    He vowed to get revenge the last time they dunked his head in the Toilet bowl at school…

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  16. Missing large
    geese28  7 months ago

    Wasn’t there a show called “salute your shorts”?

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  17. Led001d
    Tentoes  7 months ago

    Remember the 98 pound weakling? I’m the kid he beat up.

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  18. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  7 months ago

    Jon? Popular in school? Yeah, I think not.

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  19. Missing large
    Carl Rennhack Premium Member 7 months ago

    Liz was voted “Girl Most Likely to Date a Cartoonist”!

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  20. Photo
    AustinKniga-Bartlett  7 months ago

    Sarcasm and lies will get you nowhere, my friend.

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  21. 06 us2c ue24
    Sailor46 USN 65-95  7 months ago

    Popularity is not an indicator of Quality.

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  22. Pirate regular 1
    bloodykate3  7 months ago

    I LOLd!

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  23. Screen shot 2020 06 08 at 4.58.09 pm
    ✨♕EmperorFTW ɎT!♕✨  7 months ago

    This cracked me up so much!

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  24. Stinker
    cuzinron47  7 months ago

    That reminded me of something that happened when I was in grade school. This was a catholic home for boys. We lived there and went to school there. All of our clothes were washed together. Someone found the school bully’s soiled underwear in the laundry and ran it up the flag pole. The bully disappeared.

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  25. Death from above reduced size
    donwestonmysteries  7 months ago

    Liz has to ask? She’s drawn as if she was popular. Still don’t know what she sees In Jon.

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  26. Dc7a8he 6894e215 d1a0 4e68 951c 449706fa1d63
    WentBrown  7 months ago

    I wasn’t the most popular kid but I had many friends.

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  27. 8650c220 8e6d 4d68 83ad f022cc1cdcad
    Nate with a Hose  7 months ago

    I saw this comic in a Garfield book!

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  28. Spongebob rocks go comics 2
    SpongebobPatrickBackwards  7 months ago

    Liz looks like Daphne from Scooby Doo.

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  29. Personal picture
    AndyMoser  7 months ago

    Jon Arbuckle: most likely to have his underwear pulled over his belly button. #jonspersonalsuperlative :)

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  30. E1141f4ca7bd01be559740623b88fad8
    Comicgeek  7 months ago

    Liz, you should have asked what he was popular for.

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