Garfield by Jim Davis for August 05, 2012

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    Garfield_Cat  almost 10 years ago

    Garfield is BEST comic in world!!!!!!

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  2. Danae
    ChrissyT  almost 10 years ago

    How do they text without opposable thumbs? Using their claws? True 21st century pets, those two.

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    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  almost 10 years ago

    Bet Garf & Od are textin’ each other’s onomanopœias (meow & woof).

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    Tog  almost 10 years ago

    They have to text I suppose but Garfield’s spelling is purr and Odie’s is a little ruff.

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  5. Avatar
    garfield246  almost 10 years ago

    Who buys their pets mobiles?

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  6. Bosco
    lutherg1  almost 10 years ago

    the onomatopoeia is the “buzzz.”

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  7. Jackofblades
    justinthyme98  almost 10 years ago

    Hey! That was me!

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  8. Waving flag
    Trainwreck_1  almost 10 years ago

    I see this as nothing more then the next step in a series events that we’ve all seen on “Rescue 911” Animals calling 911 during real emergences. So sure animals texting I can se that… I just wonder what will be next?

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  9. Ipod pics 009
    Karaboo2  almost 10 years ago

    Neither one of them has collar ID. Lol

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  10. Avatar1 65
    Snoopy_Fan  almost 10 years ago

    Oh, good… they were only texting… For a moment there, I was afraid they were doing something else…

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  11. Cimg1807
    cookies333  almost 10 years ago

    I have seen people who have been talking to each other on a cellphone, right next to each other!

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  12. Cimg1807
    cookies333  almost 10 years ago

    That’s going to cost John a small fortune!

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  13. Airbrush 20220427165742
    Number Three  almost 10 years ago

    Trust Jon to ruin it!

    LOL xxx

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  14. Photo 0058
    Casey Southards  almost 10 years ago

    What is the point in voice mail?

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  15. Missing large
    amaryllis2 Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Been in California too long—thought it was an earthquake.

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  16. Missing large
    sebrof_erdna  almost 10 years ago

    Jim Davis has done an incredible job of making his characters look like they really are vibrating, I would imagine he’d have to really concentrate on getting the look just right!

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  17. Imgres
    calvinsfriend110  almost 10 years ago

    Maybe it was an earthquake.

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  18. Usa
    Mary Rose Francini Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    the strips are so funny garfield and odie use text iphones LOL

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  19. Missing large
    m.l.  almost 10 years ago
    Garf and Odie are always doing something.
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  20. Missing large
    m.l.  almost 10 years ago
    I did not even know that Garfield and Odie had cell phones in the first place.
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  21. Proxy
    11buddy24  over 9 years ago


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  22. Imgres
    Flying Ace  over 9 years ago

    Garf DOES have opposible thumbs! You can see it in a lot of strips!

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    George Weasley  3 months ago


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