Garfield by Jim Davis for June 12, 2009

  1. Bbrains 09 08 19
    stonehenge1951  over 13 years ago

    Nothing like going for the Value Meal! ;p

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  2. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  over 13 years ago

    A hamster?!?

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  3. Black wolf
    wolfbyte36  over 13 years ago

    A cat’s happy meal I presume.

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  4. Garfield avatar small
    garfielddq  over 13 years ago

    A hamster? Garfield eat that??

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  5. Nssl0010
    tbree  over 13 years ago

    Well, when you want fast food….

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  6. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member over 13 years ago

    How lazy can that cat get? Work for it Garfield.

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  7. Darth pingu large  2
    green_engineer  over 13 years ago

    Well at least he walked the way to the pet store…

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  8. Missing large
    Grazer  over 13 years ago

    Pass on the mice, I’m watching my weight.

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  9. Warthog
    wndrwrthg  over 13 years ago

    Get the Norwegian Blue, they’re delicious.

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  10. Cnh1 large
    tirnaaisling  over 13 years ago

    A hamster aka a rat in a tux, Garfiled has taste lol

    I’m guessing he has store credit, probably one of their most frequent customers.

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  11. Missing large
    hoeltermann  over 13 years ago

    his (jons) wallet is in his left hand ;)

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  12. Cd
    jelzap  over 13 years ago

    where’s the little toy you get with meals (maybe the cage)

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  13. Av 5363
    prasrinivara  over 13 years ago

    Give him some credit BC13–he walked to the store did he not? (oops, green_engineer already stated this)

    SchmoozeMickey and hoeltermann–actually, he’s putting it on Jon’s “tab”.

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  14. Libraryscience
    LibrarianInTraining  over 13 years ago

    Thou shalt not eat cute fuzzie animals.

    Insects and creepy crawlies on the other hand are totally acceptable.

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  15. 00000
    alondra  over 13 years ago

    Would you like fries with that?

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  16. Last 9 11 rescue dog birthday party new york bretagne pronounced brittany owner and rescue partner denise corliss texas
    Dry and Dusty Premium Member over 13 years ago

    What happened to Odie again?

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  17. Pict2676
    mondomg  over 13 years ago



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  18. Dooley
    dstufff  over 13 years ago

    Is it just me, or does Garfield suddenly look like a GIANT CAT compared to the pet store window and door?

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  19. Missing large
    Comic-Nut  over 13 years ago

    Yes sirree, dstufff; Garfield has grown in proportion to his eating habits.

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  20. Nebulous100
    Nebulous Premium Member over 13 years ago

    I don’t see any scaling problem. Garfield is going to a store FOR pets to buy things, not a store that SELLS pets.

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  21. Missing large
    aznnvzn  over 13 years ago

    Good for garfield. Hamsters would make better meals than they do pets.

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  22. Red and rover
    risitas  over 13 years ago

    “Hey Garf - feelin’ a bit peckish, are we???”

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  23. Missing large
    Leonardeuler  over 13 years ago

    Wistling Garfield wants a canary……..ha!ha!ha!

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  24. Treeofpeace
    mjw22307  over 13 years ago

    It’s a Friday comic, he should have gotten the Fish Fry.

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  25. 535658 339209472866364 1297576458 n
    cwreenactor  over 13 years ago

    We can Super-Duper Size that for you.

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  26. Img 20170802 123940259
    Bug's Grandma  over 13 years ago

    Freddie would add a couple of gold fish.

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  27. Lectroid
    johnparadox  over 13 years ago

    For here or to go?

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  28. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member over 13 years ago

    prasrinivara & green_engineer

    I’ll concede that Garfield actually walked to the store but we don’t know how far he had to walk and he could stand to lose some weight. A little running in the chase couldn’t hurt. Looks like he’s already done some snacking on the way. As someone else has already commented, he is looking rather large next to the store.

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  29. File0002
    dizzydog3894  over 13 years ago

    has anybody else seen the “garfeild minus garfeild” books? theyre hilarious! basically (it doesnt work too well with this one) you read the strip without what garfeild says or does, you just completely take him out! its fuuuuunnnnn!!

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  30. Th hg
    citek  over 13 years ago


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  31. Missing large
    trdent  over 13 years ago

    oh and would you like fries with that?

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