Garfield by Jim Davis for January 02, 1979

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    EthanChen  over 2 years ago

    nobody here huh

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  2. Kindpng 1037099
    DafnaFradkin  about 2 years ago

    milk is bad for cats, as it turns out.

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  3. Avatar 1499931525936
    FluffyTHM  about 1 year ago

    Most cats are lactose intolerant. As a kitten they still have the enzyme that helps them break down lactose but it is lost with age.

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  4. Dhdequhvyaejiw2
    trying to human  about 1 year ago

    give the cat a danish

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  5. Peach
    Big Buns Brian  about 1 year ago

    This is what I have for breakfast.

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  6. Large lcqlt8sam2q61
    Poisonshroom   12 months ago

    GARFIELD you need to stand up for yourself. John can just give you milk. At least some solid food would be better.

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  7. Capture
    FatCatAnimations  8 months ago

    Whazza danish?

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