Frazz by Jef Mallett for January 16, 2007

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    And Shelby Foote wrote his three volume history of the US Civil War w an inkwell and a dip-pen. Ken Burns Civil War series used that book extensively and Mr Foot did a lot of narration of the series. The Civil War: A narrative.SHELBY FOOTE• I use a dip pen. Everybody on earth used to have one. They were in every post office in the land. I like the feel that a pen or pencil gives you, being in close touch with the paper and with nothing mechanical between you and it. The very notion of a word processor horrifies me. When I’ve finished a draft, I make changes in the margin. Then I make a fair copy. I also edit the fair copy somewhat when I type it on big yellow sheets so I can see it in print for the first time. I correct those outsized yellow sheets, then retype them on regular eight and a half by eleven pages for the printer. I’ve had poet friends tell me they never type a poem until they are really satisfied with it. Once they see it in print it is very different from what it was in longhand. It freezes the poem for them. 10.13. 2010

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