FoxTrot Classics by Bill Amend for January 18, 2021

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    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  over 1 year ago

    whoever picked up the recording equipment failed to exclude the bear attack

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  2. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  over 1 year ago

    Makes you want to go straight out and enjoy nature. Meanwhile, I’ll stay here and wait for your recording.

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  3. Radedsmiley
    meg_grif  over 1 year ago

    I guess he couldn’t bear it anymore.

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  4. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  over 1 year ago

    Grizzly bears or Wiley bears?

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  5. Missing large
    crankybadger  over 1 year ago

    I didn’t know Timothy Treadwell recorded a series of CD’s :D

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  6. New icon
    michaeljwolff  over 1 year ago

    Not nearly as good as “The Rattlesnake Whisperer”.

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  7. Missing large
    AlanM  over 1 year ago

    This comic inspired by an actual event.

    Google Tim Treadwell

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  8. Missing large
    tcayer  over 1 year ago

    In the video “Faces of Death” there’s grainy home-movie footage of a bunch of cars in a nature preserve and there’s a bear there. One guy gets out to do something, and you hear his wife say “Be careful, honey!” It ends the same as this…

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  9. Missing large
    Chris  over 1 year ago

    can’t imaging why.

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  10. Skype pic
    Wren Fahel  over 1 year ago

    My husband listens to nature sounds to go to sleep. I asked him if he wanted this one. He said, “Maybe…for Halloween…”

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  11. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  over 1 year ago

    Maybe too authentic of a nature sounds CD.

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  12. Missing large
    PoodleGroomer  over 1 year ago

    There is a reason to carry .50 caliber pistols to work.

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  13. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  over 1 year ago

    In the days when editing wasn’t easy.

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  14. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  over 1 year ago

    That would bother me all that tweeting.

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  15. Missing large
    the lost wizard  over 1 year ago

    When nature calls.

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  16. Sad frank
    JD'Huntsville'AL  over 1 year ago

    It was at The Museum Store that I discovered Outback . Here’s a sample:

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  17. Aaue7mcpja1uopxbdjvwu8qwfbx4eqtxshds 5xqqi 9
    SamuelMeasa  over 1 year ago

    Should have used remote equipment.

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  18. Capture wallacethebrave spud
    BC in NC Premium Member over 1 year ago

    ‘Grizzly Man’ was a good documentary by Werner Herzog. The most jarring scene came at the end when Werner has a chance to listen to the audio of the tragedy that occurred. We don’t hear it but we see him listening to it. He concludes that scene by saying that the audio should be destroyed and never heard by anyone ever.

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  19. Downloadfile
    Guilty Bystander  over 1 year ago

    Oh, so it’s really a soundtrack to that Clint Walker movie from the 60’s, “Night of the Grizzly,” that I saw at a Saturday matinee (twice)? Now THAT was one nasty bear who killed for fun, the locals said. Jack Elam played a good guy in this one, although things didn’t end well for him.

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