FoxTrot Classics by Bill Amend for November 07, 2009


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  1. Album cover
    kfaatz925  about 11 years ago

    No worries: Peter is the Man with the Iron Stomach.

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  2. Croparcs070707
    rayannina  about 11 years ago

    All together now … EWWWWWWWW!

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  3. But eo
    Rakkav  about 11 years ago

    It’s the mold that should be worried about Peter, methinks.

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  4. D and d bed 03sc
    Ray_C  about 11 years ago

    Can’t believe bacon would have time to go moldy with Peter in the house!

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  5. 535658 339209472866364 1297576458 n
    cwreenactor Premium Member about 11 years ago


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  6. Missing large
    boxbabies  about 11 years ago

    A new take on green eggs and ham…green bacon and eggs.

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  7. Aurion
    Aurion  about 11 years ago

    Mmm. Crispy fried mold, just like (the) Mummy used to make.

    Eh. Given Peter’s cast-iron stomach, he’s probably in no danger. He could probably eat The Blob and suffer no ill effects whatsoever.

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  8. Missing large
    camelsamba2  about 11 years ago

    With all the nitrates in bacon, how could it get moldy??

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  9. Moo
    lululu9  about 11 years ago

    its a mistery

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