FoxTrot Classics by Bill Amend for July 06, 2009


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  1. Croparcs070707
    rayannina  over 11 years ago

    Oh, to be young again …

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  2. Phonepic3altered4
    yyyguy  over 11 years ago

    warm cream soda. does it every time.

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  3. 5346ae65734b4d0e82350407ef0d8e00 250
    cleokaya  over 11 years ago

    Ooh, root beer please, preferably from a micro brewery. Aim for my mouth. What? The local micro brewery doesn’t make root beer, okay scotch ale it is.

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  4. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  over 11 years ago

    I’m so glad I don’t have to do their laundry.

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  5. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  over 11 years ago

    Luckily they are playing outside

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  6. Pats
    mjlew01  over 11 years ago

    Popcicles and maple syrup as grenades. Root Beer is the way to go.

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  7. Giant tuba
    musicnut1986  over 11 years ago

    Just don’t trip and fall down. You would not be able to pry yourselves off of the ground.

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  8. Zippy56995996595959995956959599956956599569511111122222333333
    Hugh B. Hayve  over 11 years ago

    Hope they don’t have bee sting allergies.

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  9. Ring signature
    JacaByte  over 11 years ago

    I wish I were young again so I could put bubble making solution in the squirt gun to see if it would squirt bubbles…

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  10. Album cover
    kfaatz925  over 11 years ago

    Why can’t you do it now, JacaByte? Young is in the mind. ;)

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  11. Missing large
    wolfe526 Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Always remember growing old is not he same as growing UP. I know, still enjoy kids games after half a century.

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  12. Missing large
    stormies  over 11 years ago

    @ wolf my dad will tell you that it says he has to grow old, but it never says he has to grow up.

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  13. Earlbook
    Elheffe  over 11 years ago

    I’m to Old to die Young!!!!!

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  14. Icon
    Virtualjump  over 11 years ago

    Man…it sure must suck to be old ;)

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  15. But eo
    Rakkav  over 11 years ago

    Only when your mind has a will and your body has a won’t. :)

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  16. Missing large
    lateformyfuneral  over 11 years ago

    One hopes, Lewreader.

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  17. Avt tamara mr24 medium
    unidawn10  about 11 years ago

    Playing kids games keep you young!

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