FoxTrot by Bill Amend for January 05, 2014

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    Templo S.U.D.  over 9 years ago

    Doric, ionic… what’s the difference? (Seriously. What’s the difference? I really don’t know.)

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  2. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  over 9 years ago

    You look at the top of the column. Plain: Ionic. Fancy: Doric. Hilariously over-the-top too-fancy-to-take-seriously: Corinthian.

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  3. Missing large
    RuinQueenofOblivion  over 9 years ago

    Or snowmen bowing to a snowwoman.

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  4. Awesome
    magnusvisel  over 9 years ago

    @daDoctahPlain: DoricScrolls: IonicFlowery crazy fanciness: Corinthian

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  5. Missing large
    Reality,really?  over 9 years ago

    Aren’t the Elgin marbles in London?

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  6. Burrowing owl attack
    emjaycee  over 9 years ago

    So if Jason is a science major, should he not have done ionic columns?

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  7. C h calvin and hobbes 13678562 100 100
    Opus Croakus  over 9 years ago

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  8. Missing large
    Caribena  over 9 years ago

    How did they know before Internet?

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  9. Missing large
    wcorvi  over 9 years ago

    OK, folks, you noticed it isn’t falling down, it has a funny saying across the top, the wrong columns; did you notice the SNOW shovels in their hands?

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  10. Missing large
    keren alldredge  over 9 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Amend…for making me think…and making me look up the difference between Doric and Ionic…and making me laugh all the more.

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  11. J0407525
    She Mc  over 9 years ago

    thanks Opus, I guess it makes me a was a dork!

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  12. Missing large
    tcreole  over 9 years ago

    I’m thinking Jason bet Eileen that he’d beat her on some math test and didn’t, and the stakes were that the loser had to build a snow monument to the winner… and she’s rejecting the monument because he got the columns wrong, so now he has to start over.

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  13. Missing large
    tcreole  over 9 years ago

    Whoops, the monument reveals that the bet was likely who’d get the higher score on their fall report card. Pay attention to details, tcreole!

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  14. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  over 9 years ago

    I’m just impressed A,end took the time to get his facts on the columns straight…but I don’t know why, he’s proven plenty of times in the past that he has an eye for details like this.

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  15. It  s a gas station    by todd sullest
    Max Starman Jones  over 9 years ago

    Majestic comic today. And Linus would be proud!"

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  16. My eye
    vldazzle  over 9 years ago

    I thought that the geek boys would have had more attention to detail – we ARE known for that, after all. Even though I would have had to look up all the details to make replica of Parthenon (and would do it in pastry, not snow) I’d get it right.

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  17. Img 20230721 103439220 hdr
    kaffekup   over 9 years ago

    Since when do nerds accept anything they see on Wikipedia?

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  18. Missing large
    amaryllis2 Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Gotta love that Eileen Jacobsen across the top of it—he really did a snow job on her.

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  19. Missing large
    Corey Karvonen-Lee Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Careful. I’ve found more than one mistake on Wikipedia.

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  20. Missing large
    Gary Fabian  over 9 years ago

    That’s a snow sculpture, by the way.

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  21. Destiny
    Destiny23  over 9 years ago

    Jason should just change the Wikipedia entry — easier than building a new monument!

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  22. Missing large
    susan.e.a.c  over 9 years ago

    You believe wikipedia?

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  23. Rocketman a
    Ed Brault Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Did they cotract Calvin to do the snowmen? They are just his style!

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  24. Missing large
    bkybl Premium Member over 9 years ago

    There seems to be a joke here connected with Jason thinking he can win the bet because he’s a math ace. Could someone please explain it?

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  25. D11s01ep00 wal 01 matt smith
    Doctor11  over 9 years ago

    Defeated once again, eh Jason?

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  26. John w kennedy 2010 square
    John W Kennedy Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Hey, I learned the Three Orders from “A Child’s History of the World” by the bloody-brilliant V. M. Hillyer. The three names (“Doric”, “Ionic”, and “Corinthian”) are references to different regions in Greece, just as you might call a house in America “New England Colonial”, “Dutch Colonial”, or “Southern Colonial”. Doric is plain. Ionic has the scroll-ish capitals (tops), and the fluting (the scooped-out vertical lines on the columns, themselves), and Corinthian is all flowers and stuff. (There is a legend that the Corinthian order was based on a child’s grave with flowers piled on it.)

    And, as has been pointed out, the strip is showing Ionic, but the actual Parthenon is, indeed, Doric.

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  27. Missing large
    K M  over 9 years ago

    Ah, yes, the occasionally reliable Wikipedia.

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  28. Missing large
    lisbethtraumwasser  over 9 years ago

    Partially true, they are Ionic on the inside, which was not uncommon.

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  29. Missing large
    from a correspondent in Virginia  over 9 years ago

    ROFL! I had to learn this in college. To me it’s hillarious

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  30. Virus
    heatherjasper  over 9 years ago

    She used Wikipedia, Jason. There’s a good chance you’re right.

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  31. Missing large
    alecgiacometti  about 5 years ago

    Actually, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, Eileen.

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  32. Missing large
    Exodush  over 2 years ago

    I just realized, it says Fall report card goddess, eileen jacobson

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  33. Untitled 161
    That Nerdy Dude  4 months ago

    When did Eileen get smarter?

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