Jan 31, 2010
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Jason: My queen has line of sight on your knight.
Marcus: Roll for initiative. I got six. 
Jason: Rats. I got four.
Marcus: My knight avoids your queen by moving to this space behind a pawn. 
Jason: Roll to see if you trigger a trap. 
Marcus: Crud. I rolled a one. 
Jason: The square was booby-trapped with poison gas! Your knight takes (roll roll) twelve damage!
Marcus: He's dead. Can my bishop resurrect him?
Jason: You didn't train that spell, remember? You gave your bishops rank-two kind decursing.
Marcus: Did I really? I'm so stupid. 
Paige: Norman chess isn't nerdy enough?
Jason: Is anything, really?
Marcus: Oh, wait - my knight had a cloak of poison protection! Woohoo!
Feb 14, 2010
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