For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston for October 01, 2022

  1. Hat large square
    Cactus-Pete  4 months ago

    Raising by 10% each year is not the same as raising it 30%.

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  2. Missing large
    cartoonhottie2009  4 months ago

    So, a bunch of adults decided to raise the fare that would effect students, who have the least amount of money in the first place, and in return they get to go twice as far in rickety old buses? Dunno, Mike and his friends may not have all the facts, but the ones there already make this whole price hike sound like a scam.

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  3. B986e866 14d0 4607 bdb4 5d76d7b56ddb
    Templo S.U.D.  4 months ago

    never paid much attention to the news, did you, Michael, Gordon, and Brian (as well as Wesley and the other protestors)?

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  4. Opus swivel 2
    Jacob Mattingly   4 months ago

    I love the last panel here, even if the writnig here is a bit wonky. It feels like John comes off anti-protest when it’s supposed to be more protesting for the wrong reason. It tracks, he wasn’t too fond of Elly doing it etiher and she had both all the facts and a good cause, but it’s still a small sloppy bit of writing in an arc with an otherwise good message.

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  5. Missing large
    Susan00100  4 months ago

    This is why Lawrence is so much smarter than Michael.

    Remember, he refused to join the protest until he checked all the facts.

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  6. Fox avatar
    Alys France  4 months ago

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but when your journey is between school and home it’s not an advantage to go “twice as far”.

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  7. Missing large
    capricorn9th  4 months ago

    Yeah. Teenagers are not tuned into politics at their age. They were uninformed and ignorant when they jumped in and joined the protest with the rest of the ignorant and uninformed teens. High school social studies need to include Current Events in the curriculum. Make them read the news. I am a social studies teacher and I have them read the current news once a week and write a report or give a brief to the class. If someone gives an interesting piece, we’d discuss it. Currently, they are following the Trump Investigation. I’ve been trying to herd them towards the House and local elections but nope. Not interesting enough…yet critical. Trying to get them read their platforms and how to vote based on that or on their media interactions. Not interesting or dramatic enough for teens. They are the generation plugged in live-streamed videogames and access to all kinds of streaming TV/movie apps where they binge-watch as well as to their smartphones. Compared to that, politics is droll. These boys here jumped into protest not because they were protesting there 30% hike but for the drama.

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  8. Missing large
    jmworacle  4 months ago

    Nope not going to say it. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Sorry PETA.

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  9. Tommy lee jones look
    Johnnyrico  4 months ago

    “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  10. Missing large
    Doug K  4 months ago

    Can ignorance work as a good excuse for us this time?

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  11. Missing large
    eced52  4 months ago

    Amen dad.

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  12. Photo
    dcdete.  4 months ago

    Technically if the fare raises 10% a year, it would have gone up 33% after 3 years. You’re forgetting compound interest. The 10% in the second year would be applied to the original fare, plus the fare rise during the 1st year. And in the 3rd year, 10% applied to the higher fare from the 2nd year.

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  13. Awatchdog 2
    Watchdog  4 months ago

    30 percent increase over three years! Biden did it in two years and reduced the distance.

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  14. 10828ef2 7a8c 4ad0 91d5 1ef8978010a5
    Pet  4 months ago

    This is a very well timed strip.

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  15. Ugly poor
    Prey  4 months ago

    The start of this arc showed the buses being old and uncomfortable with poor suspension plus in 2002 the inflation rate was 2.26% so how do they get away with 10% per year and students have a fixed route, doubling the distance is meaningless.

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  16. Braveheart
    Free or Not? Premium Member 4 months ago

    Well, well. So bleat the mass transit supporters always. “Oh, give us more money and you get more service”. Usually false. Usually the money goes to boondoggles and employees benefits (retiree pensions etc). Rarely do the promises of going further materialize without even more cost increases.

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  17. 26 1483819296371
    Billys mom2022  4 months ago

    The only one not there was Lawrence. I am guessing he is doing more research on it.

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  18. Balloon32
    freewaydog  4 months ago

    Here in LI, NY, there are always hikes, tho instead of allowing us to go FURTHER, they cut the bus lines, thus limiting where we can go! :(

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  19. Missing large
    43willys  4 months ago

    30% increases seems to be a lot but ….. do the math. Since this strip was written in the past – consider a 25 cent fare then the increase is 7.5 cents, fifty cents fares increase 15 cents, a dollar?? then there is a 30 cent increase. Not as bad as if the IRS increased your taxes by 30% – then your bill will rise significantly (in one fell swoop.) One can play either side of the fence when presenting numbers and percentages. You can make any argument look good or bad as you wish.

    As said before – the private bus service most likely contracts with the school system (or local government) and usually such rate change requests require public hearings and notices in newspapers. Citizens need to take some responsibility in keeping up with their community situations and not be spoon fed every bit of information. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

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  20. Missing large
    The_Great_Black President  4 months ago

    Michael goes to public school. What did you expect?

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  21. Missing large
    USN1977  4 months ago

    Food for thought, Michael: What if an ambulance could not get to the hospital because you blocked traffic; and the patient inside the ambulance was your mother?

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  22. Missing large
    Olddog04  4 months ago

    And this folks, is what’s called mob mentality.

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  23. Missing large
    nmb41  4 months ago

    Adults do the same thing. They hear about an increase in something and start moaning before they bother taking in that it is phased in over a number of years and will have minimal impact. We have become a sound bite/headline nation who don’t go beyond that to get to the rest of, and most crucial part of the story before we are up in arms. John for once is right. Ignorance is not bliss. Teens are emotional and don’t tend to ask questions. As we know, Mike wants to become a writer. If he writes for a newspaper he better start getting used to finding out the “5 W’s” – who, what, where, when and why. Honestly, it’s good practice for anyone who wants to live an informed life and avoid protesting stuff that isn’t happening,

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  24. Missing large
    Bob Blumenfeld  4 months ago

    The problem today is discerning what’s information and what’s disinformation. The Internet has given kooks and demagogues a megaphone to the public’s ear, and even the smart ones (us, of course) can’t always discern what the truth is . Add to that psychological defense mechanisms the bad guys and gals can play on, and we’re truly in a mess that’s only going to get worse.

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  25. Missing large
    kendavis09  4 months ago

    So are they going to move the school twice as far away?

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  26. Missing large
    rebelstrike0  4 months ago

    Thanks to the protest; the city fathers listed. As a result, the town square now has a statue of Robert E. Lee.

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    Brent Rosenthal Premium Member 4 months ago

    Maybe Mike will learn to register to vote (common) and become an informed citizen (uncommon)

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  28. Missing large
    CeceliaWD Premium Member 4 months ago

    The main problem with 18 year olds voting: emotions not brains. Oh, wait. That’s the problem with many people these days. Plus believing sound bites.

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  29. Bearfront
    paranormal  4 months ago

    So is your lecturing while you’re driving!!! I hate when they have multiple year hikes all at one time. Don’t they know the public would hardly complain???

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  30. Missing large
    g04922  4 months ago

    Maybe Dad and Mike should run for City Council next election. You solve problems at the ballot box… not in the streets – which is so common these days.

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  31. Missing large
    kamoolah  4 months ago

    Michael is lucky. Brian’s parents will force him to cut off his pinky.

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  32. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 4 months ago

    He should have talked to his dad!

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  33. Missing large
    kathleenhicks62  4 months ago

    Knowledge is power.

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  34. Missing large
    Kindra Eustace  4 months ago

    This is a comic strip

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  35. Steve avatar  400x400
    Spidnan  4 months ago

    I think the main point is that too many protest things without truly understanding what they’re protesting, as in why something is the way it is, and what the consequences are. That being said, public transportation should receive as much financial support as it can be given. This is a service that is not only invaluable (necessity) to those without alternate means but goes towards reducing energy usage.

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  36. Missing large
    MIKE STAUFFER  4 months ago

    Lotta ignorance in this world today

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  37. Mikes face  thanks peet
    Back to Big Mike  4 months ago

    In Phoenix, many. many moons ago, we didn’t have school buses. The bus service ran general school bus routes. It cost a quarter each way or you bought a bus pass. It was not door to door and only Junior High and above could get on those buses.

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  38. Greg backlit
    mindjob  4 months ago

    Been there, done it. The first thing that results from mob mentality is vandalism

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  39. Missing large
    Dempsey  4 months ago

    Wise words from Dad.

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  40. Missing large
    candor1230  4 months ago


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  41. Photo
    HodgeElmwood  4 months ago

    So 30% over three years, I assume 10% each year. Is each year’s rate hike based on what the fare was when they started, or do they calculate that additional ten percent each year based on the previous year’s price?

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  42. Missing large
    Stat_man99  4 months ago

    Much like the “peaceful protesters” of a couple of summers ago. If they had gotten THE WHOLE stories, many businesses and downtowns would not have been burned and looted.

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  43. Missing large
    The_Great_Black President  4 months ago

    An adult Rhetta is with two small children

    Prison Guard: “Rhetta Patterson? This way; sign this book, please.”

    Rhetta signs ledger, but something catches her eye

    Name of Inmate: Michael Patterson

    Name of Visitor: Allyson Creemore

    Visitor’s center. Rhetta sits quietly at a table while Michael plays with one of his daughters

    Rhetta: “I saw her, Michael.”

    Michael: “What are you talking about?”

    Rhetta: “I saw her name in the register.”

    Michael: “Don’t be a ratta, Rhetta."

    Rhetta: “You want her to visit you? Let Allyson Creemore stay up nights crying and writing letters to the Crown.”

    Michael: “What am I doing here? Where am I? This is prison, I can’t stop people from visiting me.”

    Rhetta: “Let Allyson be your mule.” Rhetta pulls a bag of illegal drugs out of her coat “Let her fight these mustards every week!”Rhetta: “Let her do it! Let her do it!”

    Michael: STOP IT!!

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  44. Missing large
    The_Great_Black President  4 months ago

    Kids react to anger; Rhetta starts to sob

    Rhetta: “Nobody is helping me. I am all alone. Loren is out whorin’. Tracey and Gordon are broke. I asked your friend Brian for the money that he owes you, and you know what he told me? He told me to take my kids down to the fire station and get on welfare.”

    Michael: “Rhetta, It’s going to be okay.”

    Rhetta: “Yeah? Even Wesley, since he got out, I’ve never seen him. I never see anybody anymore.”

    Michael: “It’s only you and me. That’s what happens when you go away. I told you that we’re on our own. Forget everybody else. Forget Wesley. As long as he’s on parole, he doesn’t want anybody protesting or doing anything.”

    Rhetta: “I can’t do it.”

    Michael: “Yes, you can. Rhetta, listen to me. All I need is for you to bring me this stuff. I got a guy in here from Whitehorse who’ll help me move it. Believe me, in a month we’re gunna be fine. We won’t need anybody.”

    Rhetta: “I’m afraid. I’m afraid if John finds out…”

    Michael: “Screw him! What did I just say; don’t worry about him. He is not helping us out; all he cares about is that sports car. Is he putting any food on your table? We’ve gotta help each other. We’ve just gotta— Listen, We’ve gotta be really careful while we do it.”

    Rhetta: “I don’t want to hear a word about her anymore, Michael.”

    Michael: “Never.”

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  45. Me kindergarten  2
    finnygirl Premium Member 4 months ago

    I’m not sure if someone else has mentioned this, but there’s no evidence that the fare hike affects ONLY students. John says “fares”, meaning, to me, that the fares in all categories hae been raised. Even if it were only the student fares (which would be bizarre), I’m quite sure that parents would provide their kids with the money necessary to get to school and back!

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  46. Missing large
    harebell  4 months ago

    My concern would be leader Wes, who apparently was no better informed than his classmates, but persuaded them to follow him in protesting, which these youngsters did for the fun of it instead of checking his “facts.” If they don’t learn anything from this experience, what happens if next time the leader is as poorly informed, but more dangerous?

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  47. Picture
    CoreyTaylor1  4 months ago

    Thanks for the useless information, John. Now the kids can ride twice as long in the same old deathtraps!If they’re going to raise fares, they ought to use them to FIX THE BUSES!

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  48. Win 20210604 06 54 44 pro
    baraktorvan  4 months ago

    That the voters passed it does NOT mean Mike and company could not protest it. I mean without any protests, unfair and illogical laws never change.

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