For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston for October 14, 2021

  1. Missing large
    nixie224  about 2 months ago

    And a relationship begins…

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  2. 050183f1 cde3 43dc 88f8 09278c0caf15
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  about 2 months ago

    at least they’re having fun with each other

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  3. Missing large
    capricorn9th  about 2 months ago

    Here we are witnessing the beginning of Gordon and Tracey.

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  4. 009f1012 b5de 47ef baf3 1391e636c114
    LastRoseOfSummer 1 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    I loved this story arc. And Michael’s reaction.

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  5. Eveningledger connie
    Johnny Q Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Michael will be looking green soon…

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  6. Ann margaret
    Caldonia  about 2 months ago

    There are no lights like that, kids, some spiked the punch. JK!

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  7. Missing large
    Black76Manta  about 2 months ago

    Things are looking up for both young people, that’s good!

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  8. Rick o shay
    wiatr Premium Member about 2 months ago

    What? No strobe lights?

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  9. Missing large
    JCB  about 2 months ago

    Michael who?

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  10. Marie01 01
    Tantor  about 2 months ago

    Go for it dammit

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  11. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Oh no Gordo… NO!!!

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  12. Missing large
    Susan00100  about 2 months ago

    Wanna bet Gordon’s favorite TV show is “The Incredible Hulk”??

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  13. Dragon
    Asharah  about 2 months ago

    Gordon is waking up finally!

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  14. Tommy lee jones look
    Johnnyrico  about 2 months ago

    “Shade of green“… Does that mean she’s going to barf??

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  15. Img 3153  1
    Johnnie Polo Premium Member about 2 months ago

    You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need.

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  16. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Un oh. The trouble begins. Soon you discover that shade of green doesn’t go anywhere but on the dance floor.

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  17. Missing large
    this is summerdog  about 2 months ago

    She has nice hair.

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  18. Missing large
    Robert Nowall Premium Member about 2 months ago

    This could be the start of something big.

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  19. Beach background
    Cincoflex  about 2 months ago

    No teenaged boy has ever thought “Her face looks lovely” in any context.

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  20. Missing large
    nmb41  about 2 months ago

    They were the sweetest couple throughout.

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  21. Image
    MuddyUSA   about 2 months ago

    In high school it is just that easy!

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  22. Missing large
    writerofstories Premium Member about 2 months ago

    I worry for him that it will be only one-sided.

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  23. Image
    Tetonbil Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Yeah, remember that feeling? Totally awesome! Hooray!

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  24. Missing large  about 2 months ago

    Was disco already dead when this strip was originally run?

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  25. Missing large
    Quentin1992  about 2 months ago

    That doesn’t happen. Mike and Gordon remain friends.

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  26. Missing large
    kamoolah  about 2 months ago

    Better green than white, Gordon.

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  27. Photo
    RobertRomero  about 2 months ago

    I like how Lynn makes subtle changes in Tracy’s appearance that make her more attractive. Well done.

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  28. Missing large
    The_Great_Black President  about 2 months ago

    The band that will be playing at this dance will feature Michael as a construction worker, Gordon as a sailor, Brian Enjo as an Indian, and Lawrence in a leather biker ensemble. Just need a good name for the band…the Townspeople? The City Folk? Any ideas?

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  29. Cathy aack  about 2 months ago

    I think she likes you despite your best efforts.

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  30. Missing large
    bmeaton Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Everybody looks cadaverous in green light.

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