For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston for May 25, 2015

  1. Image002
    hsawlrae  over 8 years ago

    My, how VERY dramatic.

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  2. Img 4741
    El-Kabong  over 8 years ago

    Doing the laundry isn’t that hard.

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  3. Stormdrainnodump
    pelican47  over 8 years ago

    I don’t remember the poem itself, but one of our high school friends penned an “Ode to a Vegetable Bowl” that was good.

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  4. Missing large
    kaystari Premium Member over 8 years ago

    Why do some characters get nice eyes with whites and lashes and others only get dots? This is not the only artist who does this. I know sometimes it shows expression, “wide eyed” vs not. And here it is probably to show that the blonde is more attractive than Elle, but i think its very discriminating…not sure the word we could use, like racist, but ….cartoonist? no, that wont work….

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  5. Inbox 4660
    goweeder  over 8 years ago

    “The next load doth begin. Doth?:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don’t betray your ignorance. ‘Doth’ is used a lot in poetry, which you would know if you had read much poetry.

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  6. Hobo
    MeGoNow Premium Member over 8 years ago

    When the dryer runneth over;When the washer’s nearly done;I put in a heavy quilt,And now Mommy’s fun’s begun.

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  7. Missing large
    westny77  over 8 years ago

    Give it a rest Ellie. No one likes poetry.

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  8. Lincoln and jan cropped
    JanLC  over 8 years ago

    Lynn’s Notes:

    I always enjoyed the opportunity to pop a bit of rhyme into the text of FBFW. I love to read and write poetry, and am partial to poetry that rhymes. A comic strip, like the dialogue in a play, has to have a cadence: a rhythm so as to move the audience smoothly along. Excessive commentary, even a single word out of place, can take you out of the moment and weaken the punch line. ie:

    “What do you call a dog with no legs? ….It doesn’t matter. He won’t come anyway.”(This works.)

    “What would you call a dog if it didn’t have any legs”… It doesn’t matter because he wouldn’t come if you called him anyway!"(This one you stumble over.)

    It takes time to learn how to write with an economy of words; to be able to engage your audience thoroughly and not waste precious seconds on “roadblocks.” More after dinner speeches should be written this way!

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  9. Lincoln and jan cropped
    JanLC  over 8 years ago


    Have you been reading Ecclesiastes again?

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  10. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  over 8 years ago

    And to think… Her loving husband had bought her a jumbo box of laundry soap for Mother’s Day.

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  11. Missing large
    hippogriff  over 8 years ago

    goweeder: After enjoying hearing Ogden Nash in recitation, I was Nashing couplets all the way home. My wife was glad when we arrived.

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  12. Louie avatar
    luckylouie  over 8 years ago

    Let’s see more of Sue — well, it’s a family strip, so we can’t see MORE of Sue, but you know what I mean.

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  13. Missing large
    connie  over 8 years ago

    I like poetry! And I like the limericky kind like this one, too! Westny77, you could use a little poetry in your life, obviously. Me thinks you doth protest too much — actually generalize too much.

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