F Minus for Feb 16, 2012

Feb 15, 2012
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F Minus for Feb 16, 2012 Comic Strip
Feb 17, 2012
Small u 201701251613
  1. Man hat2
    rf_eq  over 6 years ago

    when nature calls…

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  2. Elba 20111218 00003
    doc white  over 6 years ago

    At my age,I would use it,if close.

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  3. Missing large
    psychlady  over 6 years ago

    I bet the cat will get that stupid dog! You’re right Judas, that’s just wrong!!!

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  4. Jonav01
    Cartertoons  over 6 years ago

    Caught with his paw in the poopie jar.

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  5. Curly pres
    jmcx4  over 6 years ago

    It was very common to see ladies use the men’s room at a crowded Atlanta stadium. Everyone just kept their head down and pretended not to notice each other.

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  6. Missing large
    whydo youcare  over 6 years ago


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  7. Iiisimpson800yearold
    simpsonfan2  over 6 years ago

    Eating it….I know dogs are idiots, but that is just disgusting.

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  8. Img
    bob GC Insider over 6 years ago

    Happens in the USA too. Especially at half time

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  9. Sonnyboy
    jimwill0803  over 6 years ago

    I caught my dog shaking his thang off after he peed the other day. I think he’s been watching me go to the bathroom.

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  10. Missing large
    percenez  over 6 years ago

    these comments are all funnier than this lame strip!

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  11. Mesidelongtryingagain
    Nicole  GC Insider over 6 years ago

    It’s probably cold outside and the dog didn’t feel like going out. Poor pup.

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  12. 100 1064
    jocatric  over 6 years ago


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  13. 2010 01 21 190028 10
    squirrel500  over 6 years ago


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  14. My eye
    vldazzle  over 6 years ago

    I’m glad I don’t attend sporting events and avoid ANY public restrooms. I avoided this one to the end as I knew it would be akward.

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  15. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  over 6 years ago

    The dog wanted to diversify his snacks.

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  16. Missing large
    boreas2  over 6 years ago

    why does it look something is missing on this strip?

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  17. Missing large
    jacques54  over 6 years ago

    dear Andrea, vice versa pronounced viss …

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