Flo and Friends by Jenny Campbell for June 05, 2023

  1. Missing large
    seanfear  6 months ago

    you are wiser already

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  2. Missing large
    stairsteppublishing  6 months ago

    Oh think of all the famous and infamous people whose breath I am breathing. Not sure I want to do that. Some people were really disgusting.

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  3. Lemontong p1
    Kwen  6 months ago

    And, I guess , at least one that passed through the Petomane f..ts? Imperious Caesar…

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  4. Barnae in ranger
    TonysSon  6 months ago

    The air of the Boston Strangler could leave you breathless.

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  5. Image
    Olddog1  6 months ago

    Does this assume that Socrates never inhaled the same molecule twice?

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  6. Groucho
    Barnabus Blackoak  6 months ago

    I prefer the Charlie Brown quote about dirt:

    Charlie Brown: Don’t think of it as dust. Think of it as maybe the soil of some great past civilization. Maybe the soil of ancient Babylon. It staggers the imagination. He may be carrying soil that was trod upon by Solomon, or even Nebuchudnezzar.

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  7. 250
    ladykat  6 months ago

    Nope, don’t feel any different. Oh, well.

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  8. Missing large
    Bill The Nuke  6 months ago

    How many brain cells were sacrificed reading that useless trivia?

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  9. Captain smokeblower
    poppacapsmokeblower  6 months ago

    One molecule of air? The Earth is a closed system so yes, we contain molecules that were in others at some time. The issue is recombination. Air is mostly molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, water molecules, and carbon dioxide. Socrates would have exhaled all of those, but the carbon dioxide would have passed through plants which broke those molecules down and made different oxygen molecules. The oxygen he exhaled would have been inhaled by other animals, including humans, and broken down to make different carbon dioxide molecules, again to be rearranged into different molecules. Likewise plants would use the nitrogen to to make plant material that animals then eat. As for water vapor, I don’t know how frequently water molecules are broken down and recombined into something else so you might inhale a water molecule Socrates exhaled so just hope it didn’t carry any of his mucus.

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  10. Stinker
    cuzinron47  6 months ago

    That molecule has to be pretty stale by now.

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