Jan 4, 2014
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Ralph: Yawn! I think I'll turn in! 
Wally: You forgot to feed me! 
June: I think I will, too! 
Wally: Nobody fed me! 
Ralph: Good night, Norm! 
Norman: 'Nite, dad! 
Wally: How could they forget to feed me?? 
Ralph: Good night, Penny! 
Penny: 'Nite, daddy! 
Wally: Am I that unimportant to everyone?
Ralph: Good night, Patrick! 
Patrick: Good night! 
Wally: I never forget to greet you when you come home! I never forget to bark when a badger is outside! How could you forget to feed me?? 
Ralph: And don't look at me like I forgot to feed you! I gave you dinner and leftovers! 
Wally: Was that tonight? In dog years, it seems like last week!
Jan 6, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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