Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for December 06, 2020

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  12 months ago

    Are they working on a vaccine for the other problems?

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  2. Tf 117
    RAGs  12 months ago

    That’s not a dum-dum. To make a dum-dum you take a saw and notch the slug so it spreads on impact.

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  3. Cane immagine animata 0071
    Renatus Profuturus Frigeridus Premium Member 12 months ago

    Only Sister Morphine is missing from this group .

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  4. Super chicken l01
    DangerBunny  12 months ago

    35K+ for autos. That’s for crashes, pedestrians & cyclists mowed down. Excludes air and water pollution effects.

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  5. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  12 months ago

    He may zero out but his cousin will show up eventually.

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  6. Picture
    RonaldByrd  12 months ago

    The metaphors don’t quite stand up here. Mr. Butts, Mr. Brewski, and Juuly represent methods for people to, in effect, kill themselves. Dum-Dum represents a method for people to kill other people (and themselves). The new guy is killing people all on his own. No one’s deliberately imbibing him like a drug, no one’s deliberately aiming him like a gun, and it’s impossible to outlaw him. However, it’s just a strip, I should really just relax. ;-)

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  7. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member 12 months ago

     New World Record in Ball Dropping

    2020-01-07 • Presidential Daily Brief: “Analysts concluded [coronavirus] could be a cataclysmic event.” • Trump did nothing.

    2020-03-11 • WHO declared a global pandemic.

    2020-04-15 • Trump suspended US funding of WHO.

    2020-12-06 • US coronavirus deaths: 287,825 (46 weeks after PDB; 6257/week)

    For comparison …

    2001-09-11 • terrorist attacks: 2,977 (5 weeks after PDB warned Bush about it)

    Korean War (33,686) + Vietnam War (58,220) + Afghan War (7,970): 99,876

    WW1: 116,516 (83 weeks for US; 1403/week)

    WW2: 418,500 (195 weeks for US; 2146/week)

    Civil War: ~620,000 (213 weeks; 2911/week)

    Spanish flu: ~675,000 (~117 weeks; 5769/week)

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  8. Missing large
    amethyst52 Premium Member 12 months ago

    Coronavirus: Hold my beer.

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  9. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 12 months ago

    Trump Disciples celebrate all of them, especially the covid deaths.

    Every covid death is a step toward herd mentality.

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  10. D34yd011pr76kiehfi3m
    ikini Premium Member 12 months ago

    I believe this is a strip from years ago, revamped for our current horrible situation.

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  11. Photo
    DonPoole  12 months ago

    Hollow points.

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  12. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 12 months ago

    They are all going to be overshadowed by our addiction to carbon pollution.

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  13. 704fe3d1 4a7d 495f a742 2d8456861f60
    admiree2  12 months ago

    Let’s all pour out one for good ol’ Opi.

    Heard his family had to shell out a lot before his demise. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to after Opiod’s departure from the scene.

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  14. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 12 months ago

    Go away, amateur!

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  15. Avatar
    M2MM  12 months ago

    Rather disturbing, but I think that’s the point. :P

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  16. Picture
    PaulR.Parsons  12 months ago

    I’m not sure this is gonna happen, but I’d love to see new daily Doonesbury strips. Flashbacks are good, but heck, there’s a lot goin’ on that could use a little bit more of Trudeau in the mix.

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  17. Head spin
    Billavi Premium Member 12 months ago

    Where’s Mr. Jay? I guess he won’t be a predator until RJ Reynolds gets involved. As long as it’s Zipper and Zonker making money, he’s fine.

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  18. Gatti bellissimi sacro di birmania birmano leggenda
    montessoriteacher  12 months ago

    I now know 6 people personally who have been infected by COVID 19 in the past 3 weeks. One of them died.

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  19. Missing large
    For a Just and Peaceful World  12 months ago

    Panel Six, “way busy summer”. In Chicago/Cook County, a little over two percent of those who test positive for COVID-19 die while seventeen percent of those who test positive for Hi-Speed Lead die.


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  20. Fasseddie
    FassEddie Premium Member 12 months ago

    Good to know.

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  21. Misty morning
    SavannahJim Premium Member 12 months ago

    Funny how Mr. Dum-dum sounds so presidential.

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  22. Missing large
    danholt Premium Member 12 months ago

    Sudsy looks a lot like Boy Howdy beer from Creem magazine back in the day…

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  23. Missing large
    Will_Scarlet  12 months ago

    Dum-Dum: You don’t belong here Covid – unlike us, you don’t have the Republicans working day and night to stop anything that gets in your way!

    Covid: Oh really? Are you sure about that?

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  24. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 12 months ago

    Covid should be welcome to the bar. I mean he is the reason people have a lot more time for all the others.

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  25. Bits2
    Diat60  12 months ago

    “Comic” is a definite misnomer for today’s strip. It’s not wry. It’s not sarcastic. It’s just sad. But true.

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  26. Great view up here
    comixbomix  12 months ago

    So appropriate to have “Dum-Dum” utter that line…they say ‘you can’t teach stupid’. Fact is, we really don’t need to.

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  27. Picture
    RonaldByrd  12 months ago

    Presumably H, Crack, and the others aren’t in the bar because they’re illegal (even contracting Coronavirus isn’t in itself illegal). Yet if I’m not mistaken and frankly what are the odds of that, most illegal-drug-related deaths are, ultimately, a result of not using the drugs properly, i.e. overdoses, imbibing “impure” doses, dirty needles, overall ill health as a result of overuse, et cetera (these things would be much less problematic if such drugs were legal* and FDA-approved and included detailed instructions (in really large print) and other stuff like that there but never mind that right now). They’re not so much illegal because they’re dangerous as dangerous because they’re ILLEGAL.

    AFAIK there’s no healthy way to smoke cigarettes.===*also, if such drugs were legal, instances of addicts robbing and killing people to get money for their addiction would drop overwhelmingly because, again, the only reason that such drugs are so expensive (and thus require so much money) is because they’re ILLEGAL. I’ve never heard of an alcoholic mugging anyone for alcohol money because, if worse comes to worst, the alcoholic can just STEAL THE perfectly legal ALCOHOL which would be bad, sure, but better a petty thief than a mugger and perhaps murderer. I’m sure that cigarette addicts often find themselves stealing perfectly legal cigarettes but, again, if society’s getting bent out of shape about it, it’s news to me (which admittedly doesn’t mean nearly as much as it could). Not that I have any idea what I’m talking about, of course.

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  28. Zh7uxue
    GreggW Premium Member 12 months ago

    Next, the Red Death.

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  29. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 12 months ago

    Mr Trump should be at the Predators Ball.

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  30. Missing large
    gantech  12 months ago

    “He died from dum-dum?” ~ Leo Getz

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  31. What is future boy conan
    Teto85 Premium Member 12 months ago

    Apropos that Dum-Dum would be repeating something tiny said.

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  32. Missing large
    dpatrickryan Premium Member 12 months ago

    For some reason, for me the most distressing part of this strip is the fact that Mr. Brewski smokes…

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  33. Cat
    onespiceybbw  12 months ago

    Covid IS a flash in the pan. Even now, while he’s new, he can’t hold a candle to the deaths caused by alcohol and tobacco.

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  34. Whitemug
    Inatizzy  12 months ago

    Why is Mr. Jay there? Anyone have the stats on how many people died from smoking marijuana?

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  35. Thanks a million 001
    Moley  12 months ago

    right, it’s dumb -dumb.

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  36. Large 20210629 191852
    jerry400  12 months ago

    The strip is a sad commentary on human behaviour, but not as sad as some of the comments

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  37. Lgav
    ChrisRJ  5 months ago

    If they could get away with it, he’d be saying “sup b!tches”. That’s my head-canon.

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