Sep 25, 1971
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Mike: Hi, is Rufus home? I'm michael Doonesbury, his tutor. 
Rufus' Friend: Won't you come in, Mr. Doonesbury? Master Rufus will receive you in the drawing room.
Mike: Well, shorty, I got most of the things you wanted.
Rufus: Great! Let's see...
Mike: If you're really serious about being a nuclear physicist one day, these lab supplies will get you off to a good start. 
Rufus: Don't worry, I'm serious. What've you got off got? 
Mike: Well, Beakers, test tubes vials, glass tubes, copper wire, a beginners chemistry and physics book..
Rufus: What about chemicals? 
Mike: I talked to Bernie about That. He just said to call him and let him know what you need...
Rufus: Hmm... O.k.
Mike: Well, there you are, Mr. Physicist! Anything else on your list there I can help you with?
Rufus: ...mmm... Oh, yes, know where I can get a good, second-hand nuclear reactor?
Sep 27, 1971
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