Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Charles Ettinger for March 29, 2024

  1. Ezgif 3 006ab25348.gifa.gifa
    firestrike1  4 months ago

    did Am have anything to do with the disappearance of the Grays?…

    put them in HIS sort of protection program?…

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  2. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 4 months ago

    “Revive the others? Why would we do that? Peasants.”

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  3. Neil2009
    Neil Wick  4 months ago

    Good morning™, everyone!

    Tracy doesn’t know the story and Warbucks description is a little confusing. So, it seems that Warbucks was in Asia, but he was not in camp at the time of the attack, so he only has second-hand information about what happened. Am I understanding that correctly? But, wait, the “Great Am” revived Warbucks and laid a trap, but Warbucks doesn’t have first-hand information about it? I’m afraid I’m still confused. I assume that this story did appear in the Little Orphan Annie strip.

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  4. Michael j fox marty mcfly back to the future johnny b goode
    avenger09  4 months ago

    Fabulous illustrations today, Chucky(although Tracy’s jacket seems too large for him)

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  5. Michael j fox marty mcfly back to the future johnny b goode
    avenger09  4 months ago

    Why did Am revive just Warbucks and the Asp?

    The rest of the people weren’t worthy of saving?

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  6. Large goat farm
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  4 months ago

    Good morning™, Reincarnations !

    On the third day the brush was pushed aside from the bamboo cave and there, in the dappled sunlight, emerged the formerly dead Daffy Bigbux and the (not so) Great Am.

    So the piker couldn’t have brought the rest of the campers back round ?

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  7. Images
    BreathlessMahoney77  4 months ago

    Hmmm…. wondering if this particular mini-story was deliberately planned to appear this particular weekend, or if it’s just a coincidence….

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  8. Eveningledger connie
    Johnny Q Premium Member 4 months ago

    He should have said “the Asp and ME”!

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  9. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  4 months ago

    Nice perspective artworks. Cartoonist really good. If only sad excuse of a story was similar in quality.

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  10. Picture
    IvanB.Cohen  4 months ago

    Let Tracy put in his retirement papers…then he could work at Tess’s detective agency. Lee, Liz, Sam, and Chief Patton can do cameo appearances. No wonder my hometown newspaper dropped the strip.

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  11. Tenor  1
    Binky Premium Member 4 months ago

    This is very confusing… Hard for me to make sense of (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

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  12. Large goat farm
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  4 months ago

    Dicky is in the Denver Post, sharper and better contrast. His jacket shows it off real well.

    https : / / tinyu rl .com /682zz3s9

    close 7 spaces

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  13. Img015
    DaveG1960  4 months ago

    I like the swaying lamp, like a candle in the wind…….

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  14. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  4 months ago

    I am learning a lot about the Annie entourage I never knew before, like it!

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  15. Stfgosherpa
    CaptainKiddeo  4 months ago

    Annie could tell this story better. She lived through the whole thing!

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  16. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  4 months ago

    Tracy is suddenly thinking spending the evening hear BO Plenty go on about his chickens isn’t so bad.

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  17. Kindle camera 1443833573000
    artheaded1  4 months ago

    I thought maybe Annie would be more visibly moved by her parent’s story. More than one small gasp in a panel yesterday. Perhaps a tear or two down her cheek, a hug from Daddy Warbucks? Nope, just jump into some new story and ignore a child’s lifetime of trauma about her missing parents.

    “So I’ve been told”? Can we see this after every sentence Warbucks says in this story arch? Am is only Great when its YOU he’s saving. RIP other campers.

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  18. New year large
    stealth694  4 months ago

    “So I’ve Been Told” I remember that story,,, Let’s just say Boris was left in a Diminished Capacity.

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  19. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 4 months ago

    ….where’s that cool hat “Mr. AM” (to YOU, boy!) usually wore?

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  20. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  4 months ago


    “Furthermore, i am told that you are a frequenter of a cafe’ known as THE BLACK P-U-S-S-Y !”

    Pierre Watkin—-THE BANK D-I-C-K—1940

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  21. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  4 months ago

    The prize was 10 billion dollars in gems, which the tax man eventually took all(not kidding)

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  22. Missing large
    [Unnamed Reader - 14b4ce]  4 months ago

    AFTER Sirob, when Am returned to the big city the notion that anybody who thought he’d lived that long had to be nuts—-so like in MIRACLE ON 34th STREET they put him on public trial for lunacy.

    He responded by walking into the Fourth Dimension in t he middle of a crowded courtroom.

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  23. Jeep head 02
    Ray Toler  4 months ago

    Hello everyone. I’ve been gone for a few days because my grandchildren and son were visiting. We took a side trip to Universal Studios for the roller coasters and the Harry Potter theme park. My son footed the bill. He told me it cost over $1,000 for tickets for 3 adults and 2 children. It would have been more but we got a hotel room nearby at one of the Universal resort hotels. My sone said the tickets would have been more but if he rented a hotel room, after the cost of the hotel room for one night (I don’t know that cost) he said he could save $500 on the tickets. Florida residents get a cheaper rate on tickets but not during snowbird season (which is now) but I had a Free Parking pass that I got in a promotional ad. Unlike Disney parks, the food wasn’t exorbitant but was high. I paid for food. A good time was had by all.

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  24. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 4 months ago

    A lot of “I’ve been told stuff” and “I don’t know that story.”……and not much forwardmovement. Arf……..attadog, Sandy!

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  25. Missing large
    Null Island  4 months ago

    “Dick Tracy” is turning into “The Phantom” in terms of pacing.

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  26. Unnamed
    Another Take  4 months ago

    SERIOUSLY? Is Mike selling an alternative to Christianity here with Am and resurrections from death *DURING THE EASTER TIME OF YEAR?*

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  27. Unnamed
    Another Take  4 months ago

    1-ANNIE FO FANNIE: So you don’t know jack sh*t about anything. Why the hell are you even here? DT: Dinner and dessert?

    2-DADDY-O: Apropos of nothing, I went camping once. We were all in the backyard of my estate when…

    3-…I told a ghost story so terrifying that two of my buddies died of fright and another’s hair and beard turned white! Wanna hear it? DT: Pass. ANNIE: SHADDAP!

    BOB SMITH, ESQ: Is it the one where the teenagers are making out in a car and they hear on the radio about a killer with a hook hand stalking Make Out Point and when they peel outta there, they get home and find a hook on the car door?

    DADDY-O: Yes! BOB: No then.

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  28. Missing large
    Ken in Ohio  4 months ago

    @ Neil Wick and Ray Toler: (And anyone else who may have brought up similar questions; I had to skim today’s comments rather quickly)

    Sirob did not “attack the camp” as stated in today’s strip. Warbucks acquired the gems while on some sort of mysterious safari. He returned to the US intending to dispose of them and turn the profit into other business ventures. He had Asp locate Annie, who found out that she had fallen into the hands of a relatively small-time hoodlum. He “turned aside” from his original plan to rescue Annie, which gave Sirob a chance to find him and stalk him. So, Asp planned a getaway involving a Warbucks double, a secret passageway leading down to the river and a fast boat disguised as a poor fishing vessel.

    The Warbucks party, including Annie, eventually took refuge in a hacienda complete with gardens and outbuildings for science experiments. hidden deep in some unnamed jungle. It was there that Sirob eventually found them and, with the aid of two hundred jungle fighters, attacked the stronghold while Asp was away on other Warbucks business. But Asp came back in the thick of the battle and was “killed”

    The readers were first introduced to Mr. Am in this story, but the dialog between Oliver and Annie made clear that Oliver had known Mr. Am previously, and had seen him on several occasions.

    Annie would certainly have known all this, because she lived through it, unless part of this ret-con is asking us to believe that now it happened before she knew Oliver.

    I guess it could be argued that Oliver is just compressing these events in the re-telling, but it seems as if Mike didn’t bother to read the story he is referencing very carefully.

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  29. Large me selfie
    markwillman4  4 months ago

    OT Update: I haven’t been on posting my off-humor comments this week because I’ve been dealing with a number of physical, personal, and financial problems all at the same time. I’ve missed posting and hopefully I can get back to it this weekend. My furnace is not working and I hope to have that checked into this week. I hope it stays warm :). All will work itself out eventually but I wanted to give an update as I haven’t forgotten my buds here. Keep investigating and keep the funny farm going, my peeps.

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