Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for November 17, 2021

  1. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 9 months ago

    Should have sent the Knave of Swords.

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  2. Db icon60
    Ashmael  9 months ago

    Forget the Jack of spades, Ace

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  3. Db icon60
    Ashmael  9 months ago

    Yes, Doubleup,Briar Rose is smarter than all the Apparatus’ bozos. Apparatus’ bozos!

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  4. Neil2009
    Neil Wick  9 months ago

    Good morning™, everyone!

    Rose > Jack.

    Doubleup seems to know Briar Rose better than the Ace does. He has a privileged spot there where he can hear things from both the management side and the rank and file. Jack is late filing his report, probably because he’s dead. Ace is right to be worried.

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  5. Buzz fox goode 3
    avenger09  9 months ago

    Idiotic of the dunce of spades to go through the hassle of moving Red Rose to a different location where any number of things can go wrong rather than just kill her at HQ. I’d probably enjoy the strip more if I stopped expecting reasonable writing and didn’t get upset over ridiculous decisions like to eliminate the Jack of Spades “off camera” yet deal with days and days of smoked filled Lady Gaga’s!

    Oh and there’s a mistake with Doubleup’s whip’s shadow.

    Sloppy sloppy, tsk tsk!

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  6. Large screenshot
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  9 months ago

    Good morning™, foiled plans !

    He got ‘jacked’ and Double Bubble is already considering the worst and in a more pragmatic way than Ace who is on his way to needing an antacid for his tummy.

    Receptionist lady looks too classy to be working for the likes of this outfit.

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  7. Toilet4
    dave1960  9 months ago

    Gives new meaning to laying a card down……

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  8. Bucky1
    crobinson019  9 months ago

    I’d lay odds of .45 to one Sam trumped the Jack

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  9. Bucky1
    crobinson019  9 months ago

    Ace is not going to feel so smart when he realizes he delivered Briar into the hands of the Police. Unless of course, he’s really Black Jack

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  10. Test01b
    LawrenceS  9 months ago

    This is why you kill her at headquarters, instead of some exceeding pointless trap that takes setting up and everything to work perfectly. The only reason for this arrangement was to set up a coincidence so that the police could interview her. The Ace appears to be Tracy’s best friend with this.

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  11. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  9 months ago

    Uh, sir? You asked me to remind you about your 2:15 torture and murder…

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  12. Photo
    WilliamVollmer  9 months ago

    Ace; the Jack got trumped by Sam Catchem

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  13. Zag
    Wichita1.0  9 months ago

    What? No Joker in their deck?

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  14. Missing large
    awcoffman  9 months ago

    Ace’s worries are just beginning. Wait til BR starts singing to the MCU.

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  15. Large jeep2
    Ray Toler  9 months ago

    I didn’t comment yesterday. I had an appointment with my surgeon which lasted most of the day concerning my broken leg. Doctor ordered new x-rays. He removed the cast he had put on during the operation. The leg and foot were completely blistered with blood blisters under the cast. He said it was normal. He removed 16 staples he had put in during the operation and said the incision looked good. Then he did something surprising. Instead of a new cast, he put on one of those walking boots. I am still not allowed to put any weight on the leg for two more weeks then gradually work up to regular walking in the boot with a crutch. Following that, at least a month or two of physical therapy. All in all about 8-10 weeks from the operation until walking with the boot alone. He said it will take about 6 months for full recovery but the thinking now is to get the patient up and walking as soon as possible. The boot weighs a lot more than the cast but seems to me equally as protective. Thank you, everyone, for your support and good wishes.

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  16. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 9 months ago

    The art work under Shelley is very nicely done!

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  17. Img 0090
    Another Take  9 months ago

    1-MS. EFFICIENCY: There’s a call from a customer at our Marmel’s Deli operation, sir. It seems that our employee has been replaced by a contingent of police who can’t tell the customer where they keep the mustard. Do you know?

    2-RATFACE: Hmmmm. Mustard? I think it’s … WAIT A SECOND??? POLICE? I think our plan must’ve gone awry.

    3-WHIPPY: Rye? That sounds good. Have the Jack bring me a Cali Wrap on Rye, Ms. Efficiency. Ms. Efficiency.


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  18. Avatar92
    David Rickard Premium Member 9 months ago

    From today’s Comics Curmudgeon:

    Given that the Apparatus is led by a guy who wears a full-body gimp suit just to hang around the office and staffed by people like Doubleup, a dude with Dagwood Bumstead hair who carries a bullwhip around at all times, it’s extremely hilarious to me that they just have a regular-old receptionist named “Joanne” out at the front desk fielding calls. I assume she sort of knows she’s taking messages about murders and such but in the grand scheme of things she’s not paid enough to care about it, you know?

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  19. Spurgeon2
    jim_pem  9 months ago

    Well now we know who that was that Sam capped yesterday. Briar Rose is about to be a thorn in the side of the 51 who remain if she wasn’t already and it looks like Tracy and company have more answers than Apparatus at this point.

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  20. Missing large  9 months ago

    Ah,nuts.It wasn’t “The Ace” that got blown away.

    Doubleup doesn’t look like he cares one way or the other if Rose got away.

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  21. Missing large  9 months ago

    We’ve all got our old favorites we’d like to see again.

    Peanutbutter has been reintroduced,now I’d like to see him play an actual role in a case.Maybe Junior can get the flu for a few weeks.

    I’d like to see the two characters Chester Gould spent thelast year of the strip on—-Perfume Plenty and Dade Plenty.

    WARN IN ADVANCE—-Drawing Perfume and all those “odor wiggle lines” will be rougher than drawing Shaky.Ah,but she was such a charming little ditz.

    I’d like to think Dade stayed straight and has found somesuccess in the fashion industry.Even at his worst,he wasprotective towards Perfume,judging her to be too loopy to take care of herself.

    This was not an entirely unjustified attitude.

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  22. Picture
    IvanB.Cohen  9 months ago

    Worrisome indeed….and they don’t have a “plan B”. If the Ace of Spades did, can’t go forward with it now. I suppose the word “evacuate” is not in his vocabulary.

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  23. Picture
    IvanB.Cohen  9 months ago

    Jack of Spades….hmm…maybe the King of Spades should have been given the assignment.

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  24. Picture
    IvanB.Cohen  9 months ago

    “I’m told she’s very resourceful…” Next thing I’ll probably hear is that she is related to Penn & Teller.

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  25. Missing large
    boboscar  9 months ago

    One thing I find interesting about this day’s strip is what it says about Doubleup.

    The last we saw Doubleup prior to this story was five years ago in The Spirit crossover, where he was the bodyguard of the mysterious lady that ended up being murdered. There he was described as “having a rap sheet a mile long, but so far no convictions.” But he did nothing villainous in that story, and even seemed guilt and remorse stricken at failing to protect his client.

    Near the start of this story, we’ve seen him be the bodyguard of the new Ace of Spades. Sinister, but nothing specifically illegal in that, in and of itself. But here, his talk with Ace indicates that he was fully aware of the plot to murder Briar Rose, making him an accessory before the fact. His criminal status was up in the air up to this point, but now there’s no doubt he’s back to being a full blown crook.

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  26. 3c5489f7 fee3 4df6 aca6 bff93749dc57
    artsyguy65  9 months ago

    I think I owe the MC an apology. After bashing the change of Briar Rose’s outfit colour back to green on Monday, today we learn that Joanne is wearing purple — so the MC did Rose a favour by changing her wardrobe shade so as to avoid a very awkward fashion faux pas! As an executive secretary who literally knows where the bodies are buried, NO ONE upstages Joanne.

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  27. German typewriter detail small
    Cheapskate0  9 months ago

    The good: Double up Double up did not commit the intended murder intended murder.

    The bad: Double up Double up was aware of the intended murder and apparently approved of it approved of it.

    At least, the point of view of those of us who had thought Double up was going to be reformed be reformed.

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  28. Tracy
    coratelli  9 months ago

    Is still alive?

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  29. Missing large  9 months ago


    “Trying to make a hotel out of the city park!!They even put a couple of benches together,so they could have twin beds!”

    And when I tells em’ to move on,the LITTLE fella tips his hat and says “Yes,Ma’am”,


    Policeman;ANOTHER FINE MESS—1930

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  30. Thinker
    Sisyphos  9 months ago

    A little self-doubt begins to crawl under Ace of Spade’s cowl. Jack was not so nimble in dodging Sam Catchem’s bullet, but his Ace does not know this yet. DoubleUp avers that Briar Rose is resourceful and so something could have happened to turn the tables in her favor, without knowing that a detective blew away Ace’s assassin….

    Slowly the plot progressed….

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