Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for July 13, 2019

  1. Neil2009
    Neil Wick  almost 3 years ago

    Good morning™, question closers!

    … and with a summary “Goodbye,” I think we are finished with this storyline. I’m still working on some Annie stuff I’ve been researching and I will try to get some of that up later today. By the way, the character with the most speaking days in this story was Dick Tracy, in case any of you think that he wasn’t participating in his own strip. Full stats will be posted later today.

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  2. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  almost 3 years ago
    ”The World May Never Know.” ✨
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  3. Wcfields1
    DaJellyBelly  almost 3 years ago

    Goodbye and see you later. Maybe!!

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  4. Tmdic190127 straightedge trustworthy
    HarryCK  almost 3 years ago

    Good morning™, and goodbye old friends !

    Where’s a good subpoena when you need one ?

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  5. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  almost 3 years ago

    And it is left to us to speculate as the next story begins.

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  6. Picture
    AngeloVentura  almost 3 years ago

    What did Tracy expect? I recall reading a sunday strip of LOA when Trixie, disappointed by the ship on which she would cruise, eventually dived to the sea. Warbucks apparently did not spend much effort to recuperate her. And he’s loath to reveal his probable neglicgence to Tracy. According to the Comics Curmudgeon site he nay have killed her, but I strongly doubt this. Tracy could find his reticence suspicious, but Wabucks couldn’t care less.

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  7. Avatar
    22ph  almost 3 years ago

    Annie did not even say goodbye to her friends – Honeymoon and Crystal.

    Speaking of H&C, where were they these past few days? Still having a good time in the hotel pool?

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  8. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  almost 3 years ago

    Nailed it.

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  9. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  almost 3 years ago

    Very cold exit. Didn’t even call him by his name. Could be a very long time before we ever see the likes of Daddy W. in Tracyville….I hope that doesn’t exclude Annie, ’cause the interplay between the three tweens was kinda cute.

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  10. Photo
    LuisDantas  almost 3 years ago

    Well, Tracy at least tried.

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  11. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Oliver Warbucks uses “Goodbye” like Bilbo Baggins uses “Good day”.

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  12. Missing large
    WaitingMan  almost 3 years ago

    Hey, copper. I’m in the 0.00001%. I don’t have to answer your silly questions.

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  13. 10155273 624313380994797 1301453986 n
    Knightman Premium Member almost 3 years ago

    Move along Officer Tracy!!!

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  14. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  almost 3 years ago

    I don’t think it was a good idea to dis Tracy like that, it should make him more determined to find out what happened to Trixie.

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  15. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member almost 3 years ago


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  16. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  almost 3 years ago

    Whoo-HOO! It got chilly in here…

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  17. Bribery s cat 2
    TracyFan 65  almost 3 years ago

    What a striking second panel. Wonderful art work!

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  18. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  almost 3 years ago

    Geez, like we needed a close-up of those all white creepy eyes!

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  19. Img 0090
    Another Take  almost 3 years ago

    1- WARBUX: Check this out Tracy… 2- It’s a glass floor to the room below. I like to walk across it while going commando in a kilt. Hardly anyone stays in that room more than 10 minutes after seeing that. And if they do I just hitch up the kilt and sit on the floor awhile. TRACY: Urp…which way’s the toilet…

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  20. Missing large
    buckman-j  almost 3 years ago

    This strip jerks us around like the last two seasons of Lost. Bad form, painted themselves into a literary corner. Storytellers wanted

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  21. Thinker
    Sisyphos  almost 3 years ago

    Well, there you go. Classic brushoff.

    The door’s over there, Detective Tracy. See you again next summer, maybe.

    Will Tracy try to force the issue, calling on the court system? Qui bono? I think he won’t…..

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