Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for January 10, 2012

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 11 years ago

    Honeymoon is too cute for words! Can Lizz get an autograph without too many complications? Stay tuned.

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  2. 1682106 inline inline 2 mel brooks master
    Can't Sleep  over 11 years ago

    Woo Gosh! Looks like everybody’s heading to Cueball’s!Will Lizz show up with an autograph book when Doubleup arrives with a shipment of drugs? Will B-B Eyes still be there? Will Putty Puss catch a show with his flunkies?Will Tracy and Sam be staked out watching the place?Stay tooned!(I love this strip!)

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  3. Bill 1960
    Vista Bill Raley and Comet™  over 11 years ago

    Good morning all…

    Stay tuned for more excitement. It’s all happening at Cueball’s!

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  4. Headshtgrinder
    Mdstudio  over 11 years ago

    This story could go so many ways. Great job of building the suspense guys!

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  5. Hacking dog original
    J Short  over 11 years ago

    Cueball’s is a happenin place. Somethin is goin down there.

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  6. Missing large
    Asakura  over 11 years ago

    Is it me, or… is Lizz spending a lot of time in various states of undress lately?

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  7. Bucky1
    crobinson019  over 11 years ago

    OK there’s WAY too much going on for me to know which thread to follow. It would be just like Staton to load things up at Cueballs, then throw a mystery in from left field. (Yeah I miss my baseball)

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  8. Avatarneal2
    APersonOfInterest  over 11 years ago

    Putty Puss will take Son of Spikes place and Liz will ask him for an autograph … just a guess. -Good morning Tracyphans.

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  9. Missing large
    ReneTray  over 11 years ago

    And remember Liz was orginally introduced in 1951.

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  10. Oddball
    Morrow Cummings  over 11 years ago

    Sydney, it looks like someone is going after the 10,000 post trophy again! (That’s 10,000 posts in a month)

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  11. Pc1
    TheDOCTOR  over 11 years ago

    Pretty Tame Fan Service / I kid,I kid.

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  12. Stan lee2
    tsull2121  over 11 years ago

    matt not for nothing, but how does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot? you constantly run people down on this site if they dont agree with you on subjects, yet when someone says something criticizing YOU, you want them to stop.

    for my two cents, matt youve proven to me that you indeed do have a vast knowledge when it comes to having things published, or the colorization process.. and that in and of itself is a valuable asset. but sydney, morrow and others also have deep resources as well, yet you tend to think that YOURE opinion is the only one that matters.

    why not give credit where it is due and maybe THANK someone for their input and their point of view on things?

    is there REALLY a need for the childlike nitpicking and such? its getting to the point where i actually DREAD coming to this site to read tracy.. and i’ve only been here for what, two months maybe?

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  13. Image
    Det.DanDone  over 11 years ago

    REALLY?!? Marrow’s comment “incendiary and hostile”? This coming from someone who called those of us who don’t use are real names “cowards”!.For the record, I don’t use my real name because I am a cop. Reason being, there is no way for you to know who else is posting. I don’t want hassled here by someone I may have busted..As far as Lizz’s “demotion” being detrimental to young females. I’ve seen first hand Detectives, Sergeants, and even a Chief came down from their appointed positions because it was the right move for them. Mike Curtis did not portray the move as a “demotion”, more of a career move Lizz wanted to go in..As far as “most of your issues are outlined above”.I DON’T THINK SO….

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  14. Emerald
    margueritem  over 11 years ago

    It was Lizz’s horn hair that lead to her demotion.

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  15. Missing large
    corpcasselbury  over 11 years ago

    I love that “Sure, my Padawan” line! Maybe we should start calling her “Qui-Gonn Lizz”!

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  16. Stan lee2
    tsull2121  over 11 years ago

    you dont seem to go out of the way to let things slide or ignore them either matt. thats what ADULTS are capable of doing, CHILDREN arent. Pick one, you cant be both

    incendiary and offensive? ME!? really matt? i guess the “takes one to know one” would apply here wouldnt it? the only reason i am here is to read dick tracy, get some insight from mr curtis as to whats been going on since i stopped reading (THATS the post you missed several days ago matt, when you insulted me by saying that i must be very very young or dont know how to read. talk about incendiary!) and to learn from others who have way more knowledge than i do regarding det. tracy since most of you had been reading the strips before i was even born.

    i’d love nothing more than to find a dick tracy encyclopedia or some reference book where i can search these details myself, but what with not being able to read, its kinda difficult ;) lol

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  17. Stagger lee
    Stagger Lee  over 11 years ago

    To register with GoComics you need to give them a name and a valid E-Mail address. None of my computers are registered in my name. As for an ISP, I use Wi-Fi regestered to another party. The phone that I use is a Govt. issued one that doesn’t show my name. I have no home phone and am not listed in any phone book. I don’t use my real name on any of my many E-Mail addresses. I don’t make any financial transaction on any computer, or check on any financial accounts. Many other procedures have been implemented to maintain anonymity. All of this is for a specific reason.

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  18. Mike curtis avatar
    MikeCurtis Premium Member over 11 years ago

    Hi there, Mike Curtis here.I understand a definate Tracy dictionary was once printed, but Joe and I don’t have one. We get our background information from the reprints and the yahoo group. And we’re not Tracy experts, but we are studying.

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  19. Image
    Det.DanDone  over 11 years ago

    Yes, and as a Police Officer I see this all the time. Usually, with Facebook. So & so is “harassing” me. 9 out of 10 the reporting party said things first, IE name calling. Then when the shoe is on the other foot they call foul.Another case in point, the other day you were upset someone commented on one of your posts addressed to another. Morrow’s post was addressed to Sydney.

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  20. Bakuman kato
    Tarry Plaguer  over 11 years ago

    Matt, I will have to disagree with you on the subject of Tracy aging. In actuality the artists have been going through some pains to show that Tracy is older and starting to grey a bit. During the 80th Anniversary, we saw flashbacks of the young Tracy, which when compared to the current one, show he has aged quite a bit. Pat Patton, looks a lot older, and his hair is now grey. Sam, is much more “hardened” and just has a boyish style to him so he doesn’t show his age as readily, but he does have a daughter entering college. Lizz has matured quite a bit, but doesn’t show her age as readily. She works out, and goes to tanning salons, so it is obvious she works hard to maintain her figure and keep in shape, as well as keep up her good looks. I think that their ages was posted once before, but maybe someone could post it again.As for Batman, there are some comics and TV series in which he is shown as an old man. Batman Beyond for example had him as quite old, and requiring a cane to walk, after having extensive damage to his back. I also have a graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns somewhere in which the current Robin is a 13 year old girl, and Batman is 55. I think it is supposed to take place shortly before the events of Batman Beyond. So “The Bat” has aged.

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  21. Thinker
    Sisyphos  over 11 years ago

    Cueball’s is focal. Honeymoon is vocal. Pop-Pop is on the line. The game is on.

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  22. Stagger lee
    Stagger Lee  over 11 years ago

    It sounds like you are the only one living in your world. Man Up? I don’t have to prove myself to you or anyone. Nuff said.

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  23. Missing large
    Weegel  over 11 years ago

    Matt,.Re your comment below:.“As to those who say [Lizz’s promotion to chief] was ‘illogical’ or ’unrealistic’…well, the whole way that Tracy ends up on the force is certainly not the way it would ‘really’ happen.”.Apples and oranges, Matt. And, in any case, whether or not DIck’s hiring is unrealistic depends on how you take Brandon’s question, “How’d you like to join the plainclothes squad?”.If it was a job offer, it was unrealistic. But if it WAS a job offer, why ask “How’d you like to join the plainclothes squad?” instead “How’d you like to join the police force?”.I don’t know whether Mr. Gould was leaving himself an out or not, but that choice of words leaves an out to those who came after..And I choose to take it that Brandon was offering Tracy, already an officer in the City’s police, a promotion, rather than a job..In those days (1931), promotion to detective actually was by appointment, and, for practical purposes, by fiat, on the part of the Chicago Police Commissioner. Nowadays, it’s by competitive exam..As for Lizz’s promotion, it wasn’t that she was a woman, or even that she was comparatively low-ranking. It was the way the whole thing was accomplished. .Pat resigns, without notice, one day. Lizz announces that she’s going to be the new chief the next..It’s NEVER happened that way in a major metropolitan police force. .First the incumbent resigns, or his/hercontract approaches expiration.. Before the final date arrives, applications are solicited. Candidates, both from within and wthout the department, are interviewed. They are winnowed down to a short list. And utimately one is appointed..In the interim, an acting chief is appointed. And the acting chief is almost always whoever was second in command. Quite often, the acting chief is simply confirmed as the actual chief..None of that happened in the case of Lizz’s benighted and ill-advised “promotion.”.As for your not believing in coincidences, I’ll only point that, if they never happened, there wouldn’t be a word for them. .And edevery decision that you happen to disagree with (and, for the record, I also disagreed with the cancellation of BRENDA and ANNIE) isn’t a sign of ignoble motives on the part of whoever made that decision.

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  24. Missing large
    Ken in Ohio  over 11 years ago


    And any others interested in books about Dick Tracy:

    The Life and Times of America’s No. 1 Crimestopper: The Official Biography of Dick Tracy, by Jay Maeder. This is my personal favorite, written with flair and humor, by someone who obviously appreciates the strip.

    America’s Most Famous Detective, Edited by Bill Crouch, Jr. – reprints some classic story arcs, including the first appearance of Sam Catchem, with commentary about the art and the stories mixed in.

    Calling Tracy! Six Decades of Collectibles, bu James Van Hise

    These came out about the time the Warren Beatty movie was released, and they are probably not in print anymore. But if you can find Jay Maeder’s book, it it well worth it for any Dick Tracy fan.

    I hopde this helps you. Have a great day.

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