Dick Tracy by Mike Curtis and Shelley Pleger for June 15, 2011

  1. Fearless 2
    thejensens  over 12 years ago

    Tarry Plaguer and others commented Tuesday about panel one being great in black and white.

    Dick Tracy is emailed to me at my hotmail account.

    When I open the email, the strip is in black and white.

    When I click on the comments link, then I see it in color.

    So, if you want black and white, have Tracy emailed to you at hotmail.

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  2. Josette   13 march 2016   c
    Bill Thompson  over 12 years ago

    Crazy and evil—the art and dialog are perfect.

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  3. Emerald
    margueritem  over 12 years ago

    He’s an evil cuss, evil cuss!!

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  4. Bakuman kato
    Tarry Plaguer  over 12 years ago

    A couple of colorist errors today: 1. Shaun has a bandage on his forehead. It is colored the same as his hair. Either he needs to change it, badly, or it should be white. Doubleup did break a cup over his head after all. 2. Ms. Parks has her purse on her chest. It is colored the same as her clothes. It was straw colored two days ago. 3. I leave it up to you what color Doubleups hat and coat should be. I think he should look sort of like the guy in yesterdays poster. “If Dick Tracy can wear a yellow coat and hat, I can dress like The Scarlet Sting, the Scarlet Sting.”

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  5. Thinker
    Sisyphos  over 12 years ago

    Manifest evil! This Doubleup is no good. No good! Poor Parks—today’s trash.

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  6. Major matt mason315
    Major Matt Mason Premium Member over 12 years ago

    I think we need a new colorist. New colorist.

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  7. Missing large
    mjmsprt40  over 12 years ago

    Horn hair department: In times past we’ve had a howl about the women who have sported horn hair. Now it’s the guys turn, Doubleup looks either like a bull or like the Devil with his hair horns, and I’m not sure which. I’m thinking more that he looks like the Prince of Evil, though.

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  8. Avatarneal2
    APersonOfInterest  over 12 years ago

    An evil badguy we all love to hate … thanks Joe and Mike.

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  9. Snow
    LordAsaki  over 12 years ago

    I’ve been reading since the beginning (of the new stuff) and the colors have been all over the place. The stuff at Comics Kingdom at least matches the Sundays (most of the time), but I still prefer the B&W dailies. I’ve been doing some Photoshop tricks to make my own B&Ws in 1200×373.

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  10. 911
    Dkram  over 12 years ago

    Poor girl, she should have been more careful when choosing who she associates with.


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  11. Missing large
    prrdh  over 12 years ago

    The first panel makes Doubleup look like the pointy-haired boss’s even more evil twin.

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  12. Oddball
    Morrow Cummings  over 12 years ago

    I never thought about looking for a job at the bus station! Good idea!

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  13. Tracy
    coratelli  over 12 years ago

    Wow! Great strip today, doubleup is superevil!!!

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  14. Odd spots 002
    sydney  over 12 years ago

    safeway674.Here at the Houston Chronicle it’s in Black & White !


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  15. Missing large
    BuzzyKincaid73  over 12 years ago

    Where’s Dick ? !

    …this is my only complaint…

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  16. Th
    marvee  over 12 years ago

    Good to see you, bassmanbob

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  17. Th
    marvee  over 12 years ago

    Ponytail!! We hardly knew you! I know she was on the wrong side, but she didn’t deserve this. Double-up is a doubly bad guy.

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  18. Missing large
    mumbles  over 12 years ago

    black and white is also available on comicstripnation.com. Very vivid great use of blacks. Good story so far, by the way

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  19. Bill 1960
    Vista Bill Raley and Comet™  over 12 years ago

    Good afternoon all…

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  20. Bakuman kato
    Tarry Plaguer  over 12 years ago

    The colorist has changed the strip! Shaun’s bandage and Ms Parks purse have both been altered since my previous comment. Interesting. My apologies on the purse color. It was brown in GoComics, CK had it straw colored. I visit to many different sites.

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  21. Dill
    Constantinepaleologos  over 12 years ago

    Are these original Dick Tracy strips, or are they new?

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